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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hannity, Horowitz and Ghouse on Air today

Hannity, Horowitz and Ghouse on nationally syndicated Radio. It will be on 5:00 EST again. Check your local listings -http://www.hannity.com/stations

These are my random notes and I did not have a chance to organize my thougts and language.

David Horowitz will probably not ask for me again to be on Air with him, I was assertive in letting him know that he was misinformed about Islam, his lack of knowledge was obvious when he talked about Quraan. He said,  he visited my site and asked for me on Hannity today. I am glad he did, it is possible he may have a heart for the truth and is simply misled by the financial gains in bashing Islam.

Sean introduced me as President of ACT for America and immediately corrected himself that it was Brigitte Gabriel’s organization and mine was America together Foundation. I am glad he gave a plug when I mentioned to him that Brigitte inspired me to form the organization to do exactly opposite of what she does; to pit one American against the other.  He said he will tell her that.  I am glad the message is communicated.  The organization info is at: http://www.americatogetherfoundation.com/

The program was about Burqa – It is not a religious requirement but a cultural evolvement and change can come only though education and not compulsion.  I am not for Burqa but I will defend any woman’s right to wear what she chooses. Men should be exiled to caves who force women to do anything against their will.

The creep Osama bin Laden wants to force women to wear Burqa and the other creep Sarkozy wants to force women not to wear. What do these brutes think? Women are a plaything?

Was it the French who thought women were their chattels, and they can force them to do anything?

Should not women have the right to eat, drink, wear and believe what they want?

I hope all the French women wear Burqa one day, let them do what they can. It is the wrong law to have passed and we cannot have such evil laws forcing women.

Men can be fined for forcing women to wear the Burqa, but no woman should be told what to wear or not wear and no woman should be fined for her freedom.

As usual the right wingers keep jumping from topics to topics, and ironically, Horowitz calls the verse from Quraan to be removed which he claimed calls Jews to be apes. I was assertive in telling him that he was dead wrong and there is no such verse in Quraan. http://quraan-today.blogspot.com/2008/01/jews-turned-into-apes.html  Indeed shamelessly a few Muslims subscribe to that non-sense; that God Judges his own creation before the Day of Judgment.

I have challenged him to go face to face on any verse in Quraan. There is nothing evil in it, let’s have it head on.

The man jumped again by telling that the Brotherhood was calling on destruction of Israel, and I reminded him that evil individuals exist every where; there was a Rabbi who said it was ok to Kill Palestinian children and some 200 Rabbis have endorsed it – he denied that report.

What is the burning desire in him to malign and falsify a religion? He was evasive about it.

He jumps again to the next branch accusing ISNA, CAIR and other organizations claiming they are arms of Brotherhood, and I told him that it pays to him say that, there is no evidence or proof of that.

Mine was the last word and I summed it up by saying that women should have the freedom to wear and not be forced upon what they can or cannot wear.  I told him that he is dead wrong in reading and quoting the mistranslated verses for his advantage, truth needs to be told and nothing beats looking up the book.
My phone went dead in the middle and lost the time to ask the question upon reconnection that has he attempted to seek truth about Quraan and Muslims? He said he went through all my websites and did not find condemnations, indeed there are many, he just did not look for it.

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I am committed to building a cohesive America and nurturing the pluralistic values embedded in Islam. My new site as a Muslim Speaker is under construction, however you can visit - http://www.muslimspeakermikeghouse.blogspot.com/
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  1. Mike Ghouse and David Horowitz:
    No Burqa’s in France
    Leaving the budget battle for a bit, Sean brought up the interesting headline that France’s recent ban on the wearing of burqa’s has gone into full force. The law states that anyone wearing a burqa would face a fine equivalent to $216 dollars. Sean was joined by David Horowitz and Michael Ghouse, founder of America Together Foundation, to discuss the morality of these laws. “Should women have the right to eat, drink or wear what they want to,” asked Ghouse, “Osama Bin Laden wants to force women to wear the burqa and Sarkozy doesn’t want them to, who are these guys?” “We have a Constitution that we have a free secular society but that doesn’t recognize all religious traditions,” retorted Horowitz, “You couldn’t go into a temple and sacrifice one of the animals that was sacrificed in the Old Testament so we need to recognize the realities we live in.” This is an interesting debate f or sure. There are some who feel that this is far exceeding government’s role while others believe that this is a necessary effort to help stem the tide of terrorist activities. It remains to be seen if this debate will arrive in the United States and, if so, how it will be received. For more on this story, check out Reuters.com.