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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ghouse Diary for weekending April 10, 2011

Appreciated our soldiers at DFW Airport; I have gone to the Airport a few times to welcome our soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Even if we don’t agree with the wars, we have to honor our soldiers, they serve their duty faithfully.

Led the Pluralism prayers at the Carrollton City Council, a Carrollton Tradition where we invoke the prayers prior to the city council meetings. I have been a part of this program for over three years now. Mayor Tom Leppert of Dallas wanted me to do that the Dallas city council but never got around to do that. I hope to do it at the State Capital and Capitol house in DC.  Here is the short version of the prayers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Git_8Grd3A or text format

Interfaith Dialogue on the bus was carried on with visiting Muslim leaders and Imams from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Chad and Egypt, about ten of them in all. Went back to their hotel and carried the conversation further till 1:00 AM. It was such a delight to know about the Pluralism work being done there, its amazing that a few Muslims in America are not familiar with Pluralism deeply entrenched in Islam and Prophet Muhammad was the first interfaith religious leader in the world, however, a claim was made that Zoroastrians prior to Islam have done that as well.  Three of them are doing some extraordinary research on co-existence and it was a joy for me to hear them and share what we are doing.  http://wisdomofreligion.blogspot.com/2011/04/prayers-at-carrollton-city-council.html 

International Women’s cultural dances, where they showcased national dances from four different countries.  It was a great time on my table organized by Graciela, ten of us were all from different ethnicities; Spain, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Belgium and of course India (me). We have to appreciate living in the United States where such openness exists, each one of us had our own unique blend of accents and it was funny to hear every one say the word Kalee-four-Niyya, even the darn Governor of California cannot pronounce the word. It is a model for the world to learn and not to be judgmental about others.

I was delighted to find Nishi Bhatia to be the president of the Association while her husband Jyoti has been a pioneer in Dallas Indian community being the first president of the India Association and one of the Presidents of the Hindu Temple
India: Bharatnatyam & Punjabi folk songs,
Mexico: Jarabe
Tapatio & Mexican hat dance,
Argentina: Zamba & Huayra Muyog
Venzeuala: Joropo
Argentina: Milonga & Tango

India/Pakistan TV show ”USA Desi TV” is being shown on Jadoo and Jalwa TV, they will be introducing a few members of the Dallas/ Fort Worth community and I was featured on it, and they are planning to do a few items on me about Pluralism, Islam, Community Service, Unity Day and little bit about my personal life. It is in Urdu/ Hindi language.

I completely missed out on the luncheon meeting today by the Islamic Speakers Bureau in Richardson. Here is my Muslim Speaker profile; my other profiles are home builder, generic and Pluralism speaker.

I will be visiting my friend Gary and Linda Evans for a reception on Sunday; Gary is a cancer survivor and has taken him three years to come out of it.

That reminds me of another friend Naved Syed, who has successfully come out of Cancer as well.

My highlight of the week was spending time with my daughter Jazzie, she is amazing to me. Mina, Tamanna, Dilshad and my mother are my favorite women; My Maternal Grandfather visited my mother every Wednesday mornings, he would come straight from the Mosque and sit with my mother for hours while making fruit salads for us kids; My Dad had a special voice for my sister Dilshad, the way he called my sister was filled with tons of affection, although I have not spent much time with Tamanna, I feel she is my 2nd daughter. I have a special boding with Mina,  I like calling her with her name. She joys me up every time I spend time with her… she is an amazing intellect… a self proclaimed Darwinian moving away from being a Baptist and a Lutheran. Two of my thoughts in pluralism came from her viz;’ i) Gee Dad, God can be worshipped in so many ways and ii) The minister has to say his religion is the best, otherwise why would any one want to go to his congregation, greater money is collected with greater number of congregants.

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Mike Ghouse is committed to build a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. http://www.mikeghouse.net/

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