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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Goodbye Najma

Ten years ago, she took her last breath and found relief from cancer. The last year of our life was the best we had together. Najma and I have lived our life experiencing the full spectrum of emotions ranging from Khatta (sour), Meetha (sweet), Pheeka (tasteless), Teekha (off), Khara (spicy) and Kadva (bitter) brimming with caring and lots of love.
We have enjoyed the happy moments that life had offered; we have lived the fantasies; survived the challenges; experienced the bitterness and above all bonded with the thread of romance till death did us apart. We found Mukti, that is the freedom from the bondage of wants and needs.
That Rainbow gave us so much joy... got us into singing moods

This ship had an edgy corner jetting out like it was on the Titanic; we stood at the edge.... and enjoyed the breeze and tilting of the ship. She did not know swimming but nothing in the world would frighten her except the creepy crawly things

We had a sanctuary that we visited once a while, it is in Salado; about two hours drive from Dallas, Texas. A bronze mermaid by the name Serena was standing in the shallow stream, and we would go there and sit for hours to listen to each other, sort out things, sing songs and return home after a good scoop of German Chocolate Ice cream at Braum's - the best Ice cream in Texas and Oklahoma

The Spiritual freedom is indeed the greatest achievement in one’s life and it clings to you till eternity. Those of us, who can free ourselves from tension, pain, anxiety, apprehension, hostility, malice, pressure, tension, stress, strain, and conflicts, are showered with blessings of peace and joy. We freed each other through a series of actions. We tied the loose ends of life prior to her departure. It is good to be free.

A month before Najma passed away, she and I consciously developed an understanding of things that needed resolutions and closure. We embarked on working a list, the things she wished away; went away one at a time, the little things that gave her tensions, apprehensions, and fears, the things she wanted to see happen; started happening one at a time. Thank God, every conflict was graciously resolved and she had this wonderful opportunity to clear the air and receive her freedom.

When you push the refresh button of your life, as the Jain philosophy urges each one to forgive the other and start the life all over again with a clean slate. One who forgives is dearest to Allah and forgiving is central to Jesus' teaching as well. There is wisdom in it, every philosophy and every religion urges you to do that. Forgiving is the most powerful things one can do. Please don't delay it, forgive every one that has hurt you. If your life were to come to an end today, you will have peace written on your face. It is indeed empowering.

Please take that step today; be it your spouse, parents, siblings, kids, friends, co-workers or anyone, forgive them genuinely and call them up and let them know that you felt discomfort about a particular aspect of relationship and that you seek forgiveness, and that your heart and mind does not have ill will, anger or hate towards them. Do your part.

Please make a list of things, everything that you wish, everything you need and want, whether you do it or not, it will bring purpose in your life. Live the life purposefully; one day at a time, you will not get a second chance to experience it. Be the best person you can be. Amen

May God guide us to clean our slate every day, bring humility and remove the arrogance. May you be blessed. Amen.

Najma had reached the pinnacle of freedom when she took her last breath. It is a beautiful way to bring closure to life and I wish this happens to me, you and everyone. Amen!

Wherever I am asked to speak, I talk about tying the loose ends of life or becoming a catalyst to bring freedom to others, and that karma without any doubt rewards you with freedom. Indeed, my mother set that example and I followed that with my wife, both departed the world in peace with a genuine smile on their faces for having lived their lives to full. They were free, so am I. May we all make the effort to be free. Amen

Michami Dukadam
Mike Ghouse