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Friday, January 1, 2010

My Name is Mike Ghouse

Published initially 1/1/2010 and updated 5/15/2015

The following essay is in two-parts; Why is my name Mike, and why I am a Muslim.

"What is your real name?"
Mike Ghouse that is my real name. 

Ever since I stepped onto this soil, the American land, there is not a week that has passed without being asked, “What is your real name” and I say, “It is Ghouse; Mike Mohamed Ghouse” and I have been uttering this sentence for the last 34 years. 

A handful of right-leaning Muslims and right-leaning Hindus who hate the idea of Pluralism cook up stories about me without knowing a thing  – all they have to do is ask or Google.

There are three severe and funny stories about the name. 

First of all, the name "Mike" is not copyrighted or patented; it is a name like any other name for anyone to have. Secondly, for clarification, the name "Mike" or "Michael" has been in India much before used in Europe.  And those few Muslims who ask, I have the answers for them in this essay.  

The right or left wing individuals are those, who do not verify things and blindly believe what is dished out to them by their parents, teachers, friends, religious men, and politicians. 

There was a right-wing Muslim, who questioned the Aligarh Muslim University for listing me as a high profile speaker, and I shared this article with him but he did not get it, he still called me names for selecting “Mike.” Another prominent right-wing Muslim wrote extensively decrying that  I chose the name to kiss-ass the white people. 

Two of the right wing Hindus wrote that I am deceiving the Americans with the name "Mike" pretending to be a Christian. None of them had visited my website, I am from Bangalore but they were quoting Mumbai or Hyderabad, and one even wrote I was from Cochin.  It amazes me how petty these men are. I am glad to hear them; it keeps me on my toes.  I am pleased to announce that I belong to the whole world. I have no barriers between another soul and me. 

Why chose the name Mike?

My birth name is Mohamed Ghouse, and Sardar is my alias name, the name which my family and a few close friends call me, and it is a tradition in Bangalore for my generation to have an alias name.  My chosen legal name is Mike Mohamed Ghouse.

I worked with Fluor Corporation in Saudi Arabia in the late 70's and was a Deputy Controller of the company and managed five remote sites from Dhahran. Mr. Everett Blauvelt led the Uthmaniya site, and I was in touch with him every day. 

In December 1977, my father passed away in India. It affected me profoundly as I did not have the satisfaction of serving him.  I wanted to take care of him, but he had always said, he will earn his livelihood till his last breath, and he did. He did not receive my 4th paycheck that was to go for his personal use as he had agreed (In Indian tradition, the men and women give the entire paycheck to family).  I took care of my family for several years after his death but was not able to serve him personally as I had wanted to, that left a vacuum in my life.

Everett Blauvelt more or less was filling my need for a father figure.  He was there for me and regularly inquired about my Mother and my family back home. We became friends, and on holidays we went shopping and went eating in different restaurants in Khobar and Dammam. 

Mr. Blauvelt started calling me "Mike" way back in Saudi Arabia much before I came to the states. Since then, "Mike" has become a part of my name to honor our friendship.  He is a father figure to me and is the one who sponsored and goaded me to come to the United States.  

That’s how I got the name Mike, and upon my citizenship confirmation, it became my full legal name "Mike Mohamed Ghouse." I wouldn’t want to be called anything but Mike. My mother wrote me letters with that name and that is all I wanted, and that's my authorization, and I don’t care what anyone says. That’s how my name will be inscribed on my headstone with a phrase – “Died with Prejudice towards none,” that is if I don’t get scattered in the air with a plane crash.  Every day, I make an effort to live without bias.

Muhammad was not a Muslim name.

Muhammad was born into a Pagan family (Pagan is not a derogatory term- it is an identity) and his given name was Muhammad. 

At the age of 40, after pondering about life, religion, God, human suffering and the poverty, just as the Buddha did, Muhammad (PBUH) received revelations and enlightenment about the oneness of God, and commonness of humanity despite the differences. Once he became aware that he was preaching a new idea to build cohesive societies, he did not change his name, it remained Muhammad. 

There is no such thing as a Muslim name; names are names, it is a different story that you want to name your kids from the people you admire and live amongst, but it is not mandatory in Islam. 

If one chooses to become a Muslim, it is about faith and not the name. There was no need to change any one's name. The big names in Islam like Khadija (prophet's wife), Abu Bakr Siddique (1st caliph), Umar bin Khattab (2nd caliph), Uthman bin Affan (3rd Caliph), Ali bin Talib (cousin and the final righteous caliph), Fatima (daughter), and others were their given names at birth as pagans, and when they became Muslims. They were not required to change their names.

Indeed, there never was a requirement to change any one's given name. When the Arabs moved to the east in Iran or west into Egypt,  the people of those lands were asked to consider the new value of oneness of God and its benefits that came to them, Islam never asked anyone to change their names or culture, as the faith was different from traditions. 

Prophet Muhammad believed in freedom of faith and revealed God’s words – that there is no compulsion in religion (Quran 2:256) and he lived by his words. His Uncle Abu Talib remained a Pagan till his death, Muhammad with all the power he had, did not ever compel his uncle to change his belief, it was an example set to the world that there is no compulsion in faith and the model was to reaffirm that value. 

The idea of a Hindu name, Muslim name, Christian name, Buddhist name or a Jewish name is a myth but has become a part of our culture, and it works for ALL of us. I would instead call it a cultural name; names that you are familiar with than a religious name. You read the stories of great men and women who went out of their way to save the world, and as a part of the admiration, you name your kids with your favorite hero or heroine. 

America is a natural mosaic of God's creation, it is indeed God's own country, where people have no qualms in naming their children, and they are not hung up with names. Within the next two generations, it will be difficult to identify a person's religion by his or her name. Welcome to America, the land of the free and the brave.

So my name is Mike Ghouse, Mike Mohamed Ghouse.

When God offered a choice to Adam and explained the consequence of eating the fruit and not eating, Adam chose to eat, and he had to be expelled as agreed. The angels argued with God that it was not fair, he could have slapped Adam and stopped him from eating and the expulsion would not have happened. God said, look, I am the God and did offer choice to Adam, and he chose what worked for him. I am the God if I don't honor my word, who will? Then he ordered the angels to upload "free will" into the DNA of all humans. When you hear that freedom and liberty are the inalienable rights, that is what it meant in Quran and our constitution.

By the way, Islam is not a new religion; Prophet Muhammad never claimed it to be a new religion either.  Each religious head had a similar experience of taking one step further from the practices of past. However, a small percentage of their followers become fanatics and compel others to change their faith, and now Hindus are doing the same thing forcing people to alter or preventing them from choosing a faith of their choice.  I continue to condemn conversion by force; it is wrong to force anyone to believe against his or her will.  

Problem with my name in Jerusalem 

In August 2010, I was in Jerusalem with the Middle East Peace Initiative, and it was a delight to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque which fulfilled my desire to pray in all the three holy sanctuaries of Islam, and I have prayed in the mosque of every Muslim denomination as well.

The entrance to the Al-Aqsa mosque is guarded heavily. Israel had banned entry for non-Muslims, as a nut case fanatic Jew had opened the fire on praying Muslims on a Friday, and had killed nearly two dozen worshippers.  As I walked to the gate to enter the Mosque, the Inquisition began, and I went thru the grill of proving to the Israeli soldier that I was a Muslim (they assumed I was a Christian for my name). He finally asked me to recite the Shahadah (Muslim pledge) and told me to move, and at that exact moment, I heard a loud gunshot and reflexively balked,  "what was that?"

The soldier pulled me over again,  and asked with piercing eyes, are you a Muslim? I said, hell yes. He asked why did you ask about the Gunshot, and I said, I wanted to know what that was? He repeated his question, are you a Muslim? He pulls over the Palestinian Guard who asks me to repeat the process and additionally asks me to recite another small chapter from Quran (Sura Ikhlas) and proceeds to ask more questions while the Israeli guard looks on. 

At that moment I was frustrated enough and entertained the thought of pulling my pants down to show him that I was a Muslim… thank God for the interruption from the Dutch Imam ahead of me, who said let’s go,  that held my funny thoughts back. I  realized that the Jewish and Muslim Men have the same thing in their pants and I recall that this method was shamelessly used to identify Jews and Muslim alike during massacres. 

Anyway, I recited the Sura’s, and they let me go. But I did not want to go without the finding of that sound... that they did not even bat an eye for … they laughed and told me that it was to mark the end of Sahri/ Suhoor time (early dawn meal in Ramadan), it was a new experience for me. 

The benefit of my name in Melbourne

In December 2009, I gave a presentation on a scriptural reading of Quran in Melbourne, Australia at the Parliaments of World’s Religions. The room was packed, and there were two full rows of clergy from Iran and Saudi Arabia. What inspired them to attend? They were curious to see what a “Christian” was going to teach about Quran (they assumed I was a Christian from my name).  I am glad they came and appreciated learning about the deliberate mistranslations and misinterpretations of Quran and the solutions. Steve Blow of  Dallas Morning News, writes, "In the Middle Ages, European leaders commissioned a hostile Quran translation to foster warfare against Muslim invaders. Later, Muslim leaders produced another translation to inflame Muslims against Christians and Jews." I reached my pinnacle of understanding Islam, when I organized, conducted and successfully managed the www.QuraanConference.com

Why am I a Muslim?

In the mid-1990's, when Islam was attacked by everyone on TV and Radio, as usual, I was randomly flipping pages in different holy books to see what I get to read that day.  I flipped a page in Bhagavad Gita, and I learned "finding the truth is one’s responsibility."  That single statement turned my life around, and I went about seeking the truth and realized the false translations of Quran were deliberate to mislead people.

I started digging and searching for truth - almost everything in the market about Islam was false, I deliberated about it, and researched if Islam suited me, and fits my pluralistic inclinations... to respect all of God's religions and creation. And Islam did that for me, and I chose to become a Muslim, several of my friends called me crazy that I decided to call myself a Muslim around 9/11, so be it. Truth stands on its own.

I was born and raised as a Muslim, and in my early teens, I witnessed the immense hatred among people of different faiths.  I blamed the religions for it and had chosen to become an Atheist and remained one till the late 90's, but not a belligerent Atheist who hates God and beliefs, but a pluralist who respected all religions but did not choose one for himself.  

Indeed, I went to the Hindu Temple across my home in Yelahanka on Saturday Nights to chant Bhajans, on Fridays, I went to different Mosques (that I still do) and on Thursdays, I went to Mahabodhi society. I learned about Sikhism through our customers at our Flour Mill and Christianity and Jainism through my neighbors. Dr. Abraham Kovoor whom I followed, was the father of modern Atheism.

What about One God?

It does not matter to me if you believe in one God, two Gods, many Gods or no God. You live your life, and I live mine. The following note is about understanding the idea of one God. 

The purpose of oneness was the first step towards building a cohesive society and subscribing to the notion of one ultimate universal God was the need of the day. Hinduism calls it Vasudhaiva Kutumbukum - the whole world is one. What a relief it was, it freed the men from the blame games and mitigated the mundane conflicts. The wisdom was a panacea to the conflicts among people.

Each merchant in Mecca, a trading center then had his Icon representing “his” values, and when the conflicts arose between two merchants, it was their “personal God-Icon” who rescued or won them their battle in business. The conflicts remained a daily routine, sort of the gun-slinging Wild West in America.

It was a period when an individual's greed and his drive to control the resources, wealth and women turned him into pitting his version of God against the others. That was not only in Mecca, but that was the case all around the world then and it is the same now. 

Subscribing to one universal God, with all the non-conflicting attributes packed into one, an abstract idea of God which everyone could relate to was the need of the day. The concept of the oneness of God and oneness of humanity was a source of healing and bringing unity to the given diversity.  

Muhammad (PBUH) received revelations about the oneness of God, and commonness of humanity despite the differences. He understood that when he recited God’s words (Quran 49:13) that we were born to a single couple and made into different tribes, communities, nations, and faiths.  And with that uniqueness conflicts are bound to happen, and the way to move ahead is to know each other when we know each other conflicts fade and solutions emerge. 

In his last sermon, he delivered one of the best ‘equality’ statements – that no human is superior or inferior to the other; the words are almost identical to our immortal Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal. 

Muhammad revealed this to his family and friends, and they started seeing the value in the conflictlessness of "Your God" versus "My God" and moving on to "our God" - a common denominator God. Thus the word subscribing to the idea of one supreme* God came into being, the Arabic word for submission for peace was "Islam" and the one who submits to the idea of oneness, and conflictlessness was a Muslim, a submitter to harmony.

Hold it, my friends, you will not go to the same church, synagogue, mosque or a temple, if you don’t like the environment or the sermons, you go where you are comfortable, and you choose what suits you. Islam suits me well; I fit right into it. Not the Islam you hear on Fox, but the pristine Islam that was created by Muhammad and not visible to you, which the majority of Muslims silently practice.  It is here live and active, please go to www.WorldMuslimCongress.com, and you see that Pristine Islam. 

List of my mentors; Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi, Maimonides, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, my father Abdul Rahman and mother Khairun Nisa. And among the living mentors; Pope Frances, Barack Obama and Aga Khan.   

What about Other Religions?

Let me assert this very clearly - a statement that I made upon receiving the "Religious communicator of the year" award by Religious writers association.  My religion works for me as other's beliefs work for others and I will never claim my faith to be superior or inferior to any.  Claiming superiority of your religion is arrogance which destroys relationships between individuals, families, communities, and nations. Every religion is designed to bring humility to the individuals who build relationships. As a Muslim, I have challenged fellow Muslims, and as a religious person, I will test other religious followers to show where they can claim superiority, other than the circular logic.  Quran is clear - God loves people who forgive and who are humble and does not favor those who are arrogant. 

I could have chosen any faith as all faiths are equally dear to me. None is superior or inferior; it is what you know and what suits you. Islam suits me as I align with it. Islam is about free will, justice, humility and dignity to all of God's creation - life and environment. 

I define religion as a system that guides one to live in balance with himself or herself and how to live with others in harmony.  Dr. Shaykh Rashid Ghannouchi emphasizes, "The role of religion is to answer the big questions for us, those relating to our existence, origins, destiny, and the purpose for which we were created.  It is to provide us with a system of values and principles that would guide our thinking, behavior, and the regulations to which we aspire."  He adds, "Islam is a religion of civilization" which he suggests elsewhere is the essence and purpose of every world religion.

Islam suited me well, I did not want a religion, but needed one. Islam teaches about building cohesive societies, respecting the otherness of others,  freedom of speech and faith, justice, mercy, humility and treating, feeling and believing all as equals.  I chose to become a Muslim in the late 90’s.  

My political affiliation

By the way, I was a Republican (Update - as of October 30, 2014, I am Republican No More  -  http://centerforamericanpolitics.blogspot.com/2014/10/republican-no-more-i-have-gone.html )  

The majority of Republicans are like the majority of Muslims, honest good people but have allowed the radicals to dictate what the party stands for; hate malice, falsities, and division, it’s a shame on us Republicans. In Islam, their numbers are dwindling in a hurry and hope it happens with my political party as well ( I am not a Republican anymore, let that be clear).  

My calling

Center for Pluralism is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 (as Foundation for Pluralism). It rests on a principle; the more we know about each other, fewer the misunderstandings would be.

CFP is committed to vigorously promoting and advancing pluralism in the realm of religion, politics, social and cultural aspects of life. We have published over 3500 articles on fostering harmony and reconciliation, appeared on 300 national TV shows, addressed in 700 national Radio talk shows and produced hundreds of programs. We need your wisdom, wealth and work to continue this work.

CFP will continue to focus its energies on ensuring a safe and secure America for all, where no one has to worry about his race, faith, ethnicity or other God-given uniqueness and live her life without apprehensions.

Our programs are designed to prevent chaos and maintain coherence and stability with the ongoing changes. We need to prepare the next generation to cope with these changes and minimize potential conflicts with ease. No American needs to worry about losing his or her way of life. As Americans, we uphold, protect, defend and celebrate the values enshrined in our Constitution.

The Center for Pluralism has established over 20 annual programs to bring Americans together on religious, social, political and cultural aspects of life. The more we know each other, the fewer conflicts we would have. Please review our programs and except the Religious workshops and Unity Day all other applications can be run as your sponsorship for $5,000/year, but you can contribute any sum that is in your budget. Please review them in this mini-Brochure at – http://centerforpluralism.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/4.-CPF-Programs-4-Pages.pdf

CFP will be an antidote to Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Racism, Homophobia, Hindu phobia, Xenophobia, Misogyny and other phobias. Through research and activism, we are establishing a respectful space for Pluralism with the policymakers, interfaith groups, both Republicans and Democrats and of course the media and you!

The Center for Pluralism will become the energy to give a stable, cohesive social structure to our nation. By the year 2025, there will not be an office, school, playground, college, restaurant, theater, train, bus or a workplace where people of different faiths, races, ethnicities, and national origins do not work, interact, play, live and marry together. This situation is bound to create conflicts in airports, public spaces, boardrooms, and in bedrooms as well as places of worship, workplaces, politics, eateries, and schools.
We have a responsibility to shape the future of our society so our kids, grandkids and us can retire in peace and live without apprehensions.

Mike's Short Bio

Mike Mohamed Ghouse is committed to his life mission of building cohesive workplaces, communities, and nations. He works for an America where every one of the 322 million Americans should feel secure without apprehension or fear of the other.

He is one of the five people in the world who is actively pursuing research, activism and teaching Pluralism.  Just Google and find a tremendous amount of work on pluralism in religion, politics, society, and culture.  Mike defines Pluralism as an attitude of “respecting the otherness of other” and accepting the God-given uniqueness of each one of us.
He is a pluralist, thinker, writer, activist and a speaker on Pluralism, Interfaith, politics, Islam, human rights, and foreign policy including India and Israel-Palestine. He is a newsmaker, interfaith wedding officiant, and a community consultant and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

Dr. Ghouse has appeared in over 300 national TV and 700 Radio shows including 125 on Fox News and 200 on Fox’s national syndicated radio. He has published over 3500 articles on the topics he speaks.

Whatever Mike does, he does it wholeheartedly. He pours his heart, soul, and mind into it. Mike has excelled in public, media, government, and community relations. He does his best as a spokesperson. He is an outstanding communicator and projects the policies and practices of the organizations he represents most effectively. 

Mike’s passion is to open people’s hearts and minds towards each other. Mike is a pragmatist and applies his mantra “Conflict mitigation, and goodwill nurturance” in each conflict faced.

He is home with people of different races, faiths, cultures, ethnicities and political orientations. He is blessed to have stood up for the rights of people of every faith from Atheists to Zoroastrians including Native Americans, Pagans, immigrants, Wicca and LGBTQ communities. 

Inspired by Steve Jobs call to pursue one's passion, Goethe’s call to commitment, and mother’s advice to living a fulfilling life, Mike went to town in pursuit of his passion,

His passion is to open people’s hearts and minds towards fellow beings. He has seen the fruits of his work where individuals with extreme resentment have come together. If we can learn to respect the other otherness of others and accepts the God-given uniqueness of each one of us then conflicts fade and solutions emerge. 

Pluralism is Mike’s baby. In the next ten years, we will not find a place of work, worship, restaurant, office, playground or home where people of different races, faiths, ethnicities, and cultures do not interact, work and even marry together. This situation is bound to create conflicts, and we have the responsibility to prepare the society to deal with it, so we can enjoy life rather than entangle ourselves in daily battles.

Mike is a frequent guest on National TV and Radio and has a strong presence in social media. He is a thinker, writer, newsmaker, human rights activist, interfaith wedding officiant, and a Public Speaker. 

His Google profile has been visited by over 35 million individuals with thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, yahoo groups and personal lists.
He is the founder and CEO of the Center for Pluralism. The bottom line of his work is security- no one should feel insecure about his or her religion, race, ethnicity, or other God-given uniqueness. Each one of us should look forward to retiring in peace and living without apprehensions or fear of the other.

A few of my profiles

A short Bio

My profile in 68 pages: http://centerforpluralism.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/3.-MikeGhouse-Building-Cohesive-Societies-68-Pages.pdf 

URL: http://mikeghouseforindia.blogspot.com/2012/12/mike-ghouse-indian-american-pluralist.html

Note: A lot more work has been done since I wrote this note in 2012, much of it can be seen at www.CenterforPluralism.com
Here is our brochure: http://centerforpluralism.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/4.-CPF-Programs-4-Pages.pdf 

1. Google Profile - over 35 Million views  https://plus.google.com/108969690090944956820/about

Much of my work is at:

Plug in name of Religion, any religion / or name of festival any festival in Google, there is a substantial amount of work done in every area of humanity. 
Conflict mitigation and goodwill nurturance run in Mike’s veins, it is the formula of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Google Search “Mike Ghouse _______ “ name of any religion or a festival

Thank you.


  1. Dr Mookhi Amir AliApril 27, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    Ghouse by any name makes sense, always.

  2. Thank you Mike for your nice article..by theway the name MikEL is mentioned in the Holy Quran as an angel.

    Just a small correction if you allow me...the sequence of the four Khalifs was Abu Bakr,Omar, Uthman, Ali..

    Prohet Mohamed never asked any one to change his name when he accepted Islam . My name Issa is the same name of Jesus ..my Brother is Musa which is Moses My other brother is Suleiman Which is Solomon My uncle name is Dawood which is David...We all are muslims...I hope the picture is now clear.

    1. I agree with Mr. Issa Adawi that "Mike" is the shortened form for Mee-cha-El, "Who is like El," and one of the Archangels in Heaven. El, in turn, is a very old Babylonian name for the chief god in the Babylonian pantheon.
      In any case, it is a fine old name, and you wear it well, as you do Mohamed.

  3. It's true - I was confused moving to Texas from the metro NY area and so many names I knew to be 'Jewish' there where Christian here. At first I thought it was assimilation because the families in Texas were more spread out. Then I learned how Jewish immigrants adopted their new countries' names in Germany for example.

  4. What a pleasure to discover one more Spiritual Sibling. :-)