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Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11: My personal Journey from 2001 through 2013 and my committment to America.



Since September 11, 2001, many stories have been told and experiences shared, but here is one story among many, that I hope my fellow Americans ought to hear, particularly those who are afraid of everything and everyone, and believe in conspiracies.

In the second half of the piece, I have included links to the Terry Jone's Quran Burning event from 2013,  and a trailer of the film we are making called “Americans Together” to be released in 2016 during the Primaries. I am aspiring to be one of the moderators in the presidential debates.

I hope this piece prompts you to think of the difficult encounters you may have had dealing with people of different faiths.  It is the story of the day and few events related to the 9/11 interfaith events we have held over the years. This is a long story and I hope it offers insights into what it takes to build a cohesive America, a free America where no one has to live in apprehension and fear of the other.  Can we do this? Yes!

This is also the story of the birth of Unity Day USA, a day to bring Americans Together.

The idea for Unity Day USA was first conceived on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 and took its current form on Sunday, September 11, 2005. It is an initiative to come together to stand up for the safety, security and cohesiveness of America.

On this Unity Day, we the people of the United States of America of every faith, race, ethnicity, culture and background will gather to express our commitment to co-existence, unity, prosperity and well being of our nation.

Our civic leaders including Mayors, Council members, State representatives, Senators, Congresspersons and other officials will honor us with their presence. Each Mayor at the event will give a one minute speech to share his/her thoughts about co-existence and promoting social cohesion in their respective cities. Additionally, our men and women in uniform including police and fire chiefs will be honored for their outstanding service to our nation.

Leaders from various faith communities will share a few words of wisdom from their respective scriptures, beliefs or oral traditions. Unity Day USA is about re-affirming our faith in the goodness in humanity, and the longing for harmony and co-existence. The traditions include but are not limited to Native American, Atheist, Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Earth-traditions, Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Jewish, Sikh, Wicca and Zoroastrians; thus it is an all inclusive event.

It is an awesome experience to feel a sense of unity with fellow Americans that will bring a feeling of coming home to where we drop all of our identities to be united together as an American family.

As Americans we uphold, protect, defend and celebrate the values enshrined in our constitution. Our faiths reinforce the idea of one nation with liberty and justice for all.

As a Muslim, I am deeply committed to America, the land of the brave and the free with liberty and justice for all.
Pictures, comments, sound bites are all at    

On the day of 09/11/2001

Dallas, Texas. About 10:00 in the Morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I was called in by AM Radio 1150 to address the situation; and  950 AM also joined in to simulcast the program. The great tragedy had left every one speechless and had frozen everyone from doing anything. I was shaking but was committed to make sense out of the chaos and bring coherence to the day, and pave the way for relevant action.

I was on the air for 7 hours straight, standing on my feet and getting just about every community, religious, civic and business leader and the general public on the air to talk about the situation. Many of them read prepared statements, and one by one they condemned the attack. I did not even get to eat or take a break. The calls were pouring in and I was completely absorbed in the situation.

Among many who jumped on the idea to hold interfaith prayers were Mr. Joel Brooks of American Jewish Congress, Ms. Vinoda Kumar of the DFW Hindu Temple, Mr. Mohammad Suleman of the Islamic Center of Dallas, Mr. Poras Balsara of the Zoroastrian community and Kevin Rafraf from the Baha’i Temple, the list was endless. All the announcements and pronouncements were going on the radio live from every community leader. Mr. Taiyab Kundawala of India Association agreed to hold, and announce the prayer vigil at the association and the fund raising was set up the very next evening. Mr. Mansoor Shah of Pakistan Society was there to do anything that needed to be done. Mr. Ashok Kumar Mago of the Indian Chamber of Commerce also joined in on the Radio. I apologize to many friends, whose name have gone blank on me. I would appreciate if you could share them. This will go as a chapter in my upcoming book on Pluralism.

While this was going on, my late wife Najma called in to announce about the blood drive and sure enough, hundreds of people were lining up at Wadley Blood center. She drove to the facility and the folks told her that the lines were too long and asked us to hold off the announcements till the next day. I wish I could get hold of the CNN tapes from the next day where they interviewed me for over 10 minutes at the Radio Station we were hanging out. Our friends and my late wife said that every word I said on the TV was just the right word, what a relief! I was tense, but determined to clear the muddy waters.

9/11 is one of the most significant days of my life. A major change occurred in my life around that time. I was an Atheist for a long time, not a belligerent one but the pluralist kind, and for the first time in about 30 years I chose to be called a Muslim in Public Sphere. Thanks to my father for inculcating the values of Pluralism in my initial set up.

In the random readings of holy books that I continue to do, I came across a verse in Bhagvad Gita, “finding the truth is one’s own responsibility”. The timing was perfect as Islam was being attacked; the verse inspired me to go find the truth.

Karen Armstrong’s book on Muhammad had made a huge impact on me. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a divine, distant and a mystical figure to me until I read her book, it made me look to him as another human whose life and decisions I could relate with. He was bent on building cohesive societies and just about every one of his actions was grounded in a singular theme; mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwil so all can live in relative harmony.

I made it my business to hone on the verses in Qur'an that had driven me away from Islam. I had made several attempts and each time I did not like the translations I read. The verse, “finding the truth is one’s own responsibility” did not allow me gulp down what was apparent about Qur'an. Over the years of searching, I discovered that Quran was deliberately mistranslated by politicians who wore the label of Christianity as well as Islam.
Steve Blow in Dallas Morning News put my thoughts in the words that I cherish, "In the Middle Ages, European leaders commissioned a hostile Quran translation to foster warfare against Muslim invaders. Later, Muslim leaders produced another translation to inflame Muslims against Christians and Jews." Relax, the first translation is not in circulation but is used by the right wing Christian and Jews to support their tirade, the second dangerous translation is by Hilali khan, unfortunately it exists and Muslims are now aware of the problem. However there are over two dozen translations which are alright. The best one among the available translations is by Muhammad Asad. However,  we need a new translation which the average person can relate with and reflects the universality of God. More about this at:

That was my background in relating the story of 9/11.

As the community was fully involved on the air with me, the Interfaith-faith prayers, blood donations and fundraising for the men and women in uniform were all in place by evening. The fog was clearing up, Osama bin Laden was the bad guy and Muslim-Americans had nothing to do with his actions, nor did they authorize him to terrorize any one. Indeed, he placed a wedge between Americans that still needs to be undone. I had literally declared a war against this man.

Atheists, Baha'i, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Jews, Native Americans, Pagans, Sikhs, Wicca and Zoroastrians along with area city mayors, FBI, police and fire chiefs and community leaders graced the first interfaith event in Frisco. Out of which a new tradition evolved called Unity Day. It continues year after year.

A few of us formed a team from different religions and went from place of worship to place of worship and shared the prayers or gave a small talk about the respective religion. That’s where we build the relationship of trust between us for me to read the Jewish Prayers when Joel Brooks was not available, recite the Zoroastrian Prayer for Poras Balsara, Jain prayers for Pradeep Shah or Hindu Prayers for the Hindu community and of course, I represented Ben Moghaddas of Baha’i faith and was always a substitute for the Muslim community. There never was a shortage of Christians, Muslims and Sikhs in interfaith activity at that time. However, it has dwindled down now. Muslims are not participating as much, and at many places I am the only Muslim participating in smaller interfaith events. They go to the big ones though.

One of the biggest walls between Hindus and Muslims was dissolved that week. President of The Dallas Islamic Center, Muhammad Suleman asked me to pull the religious groups for the interfaith prayers and I was pleased to include Hindu prayers. Vijayshree Venkatraman came and chanted the Om Shanti Mantra amidst all other prayers. Perhaps it was the first time Hindu prayers were recited in a Mosque complex. I am sure it is done in India, but it was a new experience for Muslims in Dallas.

If there was one gratifying moment in my interfaith life, that would be one. The other ones are chanting the Jainism’s Navakar Mantra at the Maya Temple in Mexico, Hindu prayers in the Snotes at the Mayan Temples, getting Baptized in the name of God at the place in Jordan River where Jesus was Baptized and dancing with the Pagans in Melbourne and spending time with the Native Australians.

In 1993, I published the first issue of Asian News Magazine which was co-edited by Abraham Thomas. A new standard was set in bringing the communities of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka together. The highlight of the paper was extensive calendar and write ups on the essence of every possible festival that took place in Dallas. Then in July of 1996, AM Radio 1150 approached me to begin the Radio Service for the communities, indeed it was the first Talk Show Radio for the community which paved the way to full time Radio services. These two items highlight the pluralism work that was going on. Every Saturday on the air, we had a segment called Festivals of the world where we shared the essence of every religious festival; we had religious leaders from Aztec to Zoroastrians and every one in between sharing the essence of their festivals on the air.

Unity Day USA - established

The idea for Unity Day USA was first conceived on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 and took its current form on Sunday, September 11, 2005. It is a Muslim initiative to come together to stand up for the safety, security and cohesiveness of America, my initial team included Lee Holcomb of UT Dallas and other volunteers and women members from the Plano Mosque who handled wonderful refreshments.

During planning session of the event, I was opposed by a few to hold prayers from all religious groups in an alphabetical sequence. They preferred that Muslim Prayers be done at first and others to follow, someone did not want Islam to be in the Middle of Hinduism and Jainism. Even the idea of the Abrahamic faiths first and others following it was floated. I was not in favor of it as I have always believed in equality of all humans and by corollary all religions, we dug in our heels.

Before it got messy, I called Imam Dr. Yusuf Zia Kavakci and asked his guidance on it and I was praying for wisdom from him and was willing to walk away from the event if there was a preferential treatment to any group. He thought it over and said, Islamically I was on the right tract to treat everyone on equal footing, however he said, if you want to be political, you choose. I asked him if I could put those words in an email and send to the group, and that was the end of the conflict, what a relief! This Imam is a blessing to our town, indeed I have written a few more of the interfaith moments between us.

The prayers were indeed led by 13 groups of religious leaders. Regina Rafraf led the Baha’i prayers, Ben Boothe led the Buddhist prayers; Christian prayers were led by the late Baptist Minister Roy Harrell with a team of clergy from Presbyterian, Methodist, Unitarian, Catholic and other denominations; Swami Nityananda Prabhu led the Hindu group representing 7 different Hindu Temple; Islamic prayers were led by Imam Dr. Yusuf Zia Kavakci with Shia, Bohra, Ismaili, Sufi, Warith Deen Muhammad, Sunni and other Muslim traditions, Pradeep Shah led the Jain prayers, Rabbi Haas led the Jewish prayers, the Sikh prayers were led by Bhai Harinder Singh and Ramneek Singh, Wicca prayers were led by Brian Langford and the Zoroastrian Prayers were lead by Poras Balsara. In the later years Native Americans, Pagans, Earth based Traditions, Atheists and others have joined in, no one is excluded, however a few continue to malign us and refuse to join standing shoulder to shoulder with people of different faiths.

FBI Chief Danny Deffenbaugh, Mayors or Mayors pro-tem and Police chiefs of Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Carrollton, Addison and representatives of congress woman Eddie Bernice Johnson and State Representative Florence Shapiro were all on the stage. Among the civic leaders were Dean Hobson of the UT Dallas among others.

My conversation with Maria Arita of Fox news was interesting. She wanted to know if it was difficult to pull these various groups together. She could not resist the inherent bias and blurted out, "was it the Moslems that were difficult?" I said no and the answer will be in my upcoming book. It’s an amazing story of interfaith.

In the 3rd annual Unity Day event we discovered something beautiful about how we hold things inside. I have sincere relationships with my friends in different religious communities and they share whatever bothers them, usually is it about Muslims. Every one wants to genuinely find the truth and thanks to my friends from the Zoroastrian and Sikh Communities who held back the issue for two years.

Dr. Harbans Lal and Firdosh Mehta asked me to find out why Muslims walked out on them, when it was their turn to pray in the first Unity day? Remember the Alphabetical sequence? I thank Bhagvad Gita for instilling in me with “finding the truth is one’s own responsibility”… we dug up and found out that it was the prayer time for Muslims when the Sikhs and Zoroastrian got on the stage. I shared that story and told our friends attending the event that you have got to admire our Muslim brothers and sisters, when the time for prayer comes up, they drop everything as nothing else is a priority to them and Mayor Pat Evans appreciated the hint. If that time were during the speech of the Mayor, they would simply fulfill their duty to God and pray. Isn’t it amazing what was construed as dislike to hear the Sikh and Zoroastrian payers, was not? It was such a relief to our friends Dr. Lal and Mehta.

Gregory Gomez, the Apache American surprised everyone and continues to remain the talk of the town. When Gomez went on to the stage with our Hopi Chief Ambrose to cleanse the environment (Done with feathers, a native tradition and I have been cleansed a few times). The first words the Native American spoke thrilled the audience, it was ironic, unexpected and truthful, he said, “Welcome to my country”. The biggest appreciation came from Richardson Mayor, Gary Slagel without missing the beat.

A few more of the moments are at or in Dallas Morning News at:

God willing my upcoming book will share some of the most difficult and humorous interfaith moments.
2.2 Million Americans imprisoned
14,827 persons were murdered in the United States in 2012
84,376 forcible rapes reported to law enforcement in 2012

Throughout America, we have the same federal laws  for the criminals among us as well as the good people among us.  Criminals violate the laws, and the good people don’t. Does the news scare you?

Here is some bad statistics;

Sean Hannity is not a murderer, just because he lives in New York, and New York City alone murders 300 people a year, what a shame!

Bill Blasio is not a rapist because he is the Mayor of New York, and New York City alone raped 1000 women last year, what a shame!

We don’t stereotype people based on actions of a few.                   

As Americans we need not swayed by the current events in the world with the ISIS, Al Qaeda and their likes, they are shamefully within the comparable statistical range of the world.

Same percentage of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus or others behave the same; mind their own business and a similar percentage are extremists.

Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Racism, Homophobia, Xenophobia and Misogyny destroy the fabric of the nation and keep each other’s throats.  We need to clean up ourselves and build a safe America for everyone.

Islam teaches one to be non-judgmental, and consistently encourages individuals to do good. It emphasizes about individual responsibility towards the peace and security of society at large. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) described a good deed as an act which benefits others whom you don't even know, such as planting a tree that serves generations of wayfarers with fruit and the shade. The world is a better place today because of a good legacy bequeathed to humanity by people of all faiths that came before us. We owe it to coming generations to leave the world a little better than we found to usher an era of justice and peace. Indeed, this is the same message, every messenger of God in every faith or a peace maker or a wise men and women have reiterated.

On my part, I am committed to build a cohesive America, and last year the Unity Day was held in Florida, and here is one of the most powerful stories, which is being made into a film.

Reestablishing the right Muslim attitudes toward conflict mitigation and bringing a change in how they are perceived, and treasuring the freedom of speech.

How to be build a cohesive America, watch this 10 Minutes video at

Our dream
Each one of us has a dream… a dream  to have livable wages, a loving family, children, a home, reliable car, decent health care, and comfortable retirement.
A majority of Americans want a just   society with safety and security.  We want to live our lives as good neighbors and let others live theirs. 

Our right
Our founding fathers laid the foundation of the creed for such a society, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they  are endowed by their Creator with     certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness".

Our spirit
Martin  Luther  King  Jr.  expressed  the same  in  his famous speech, “ I have a dream that our little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” 

Our world

Native American Chief Seattle said it   perfectly; “All things are connected.   Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth.   Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in  it.  Whatever he does to the web, he  does it to himself."

Our questions
Based on the previous statements and    a commitment to one nation and one America, what are we doing individually to preserve that web?
What are our initiatives?
What are the divisive issues?
Are we going to allay these phobias?
What is your vision for America?

Our responsibility
President Kennedy pointed us in the right    direction,  “Ask not what your country  can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”.  When we give to the country, we collectively receive as well.

Our empathy
Are we connected enough with each other?  Can others empathize with us or even understand the truth about us?    We are no different than them in our   endeavors and aspirations of life.

Our action

Let’s explore daily opportunities to make America a better place for each one of us.  Let’s treat others as we would wish to be treated and have compassion for others who might look different.

If we can learn to respect the otherness of other, and accept the God given uniqueness of each   American, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.

We are committed to providing      education, workshops, and training for future leaders.  We have programs in place to move forward.  All we need is your support.

Our contribution

It takes time, effort and money to bring positive changes; will you  consider contributing $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000 or up?

You can do a one time donation or  recurring monthly donation through our PayPal account on our website. 

Or you can mail a check to:

America Together Foundation
2665 Villa Creek Dr, Suite 206
Dallas, TX 75234
(972) 243-7040

…….. ….. …..

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, peace, Islam, Israel, India, interfaith, and cohesion at work place. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at He believes in Standing up for others and has done that throughout his life as an activist. Mike has a presence on national and local TV, Radio and Print Media. He is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News; fortnightly at Huffington post; and several other periodicals across the world. His personal site indexes all his work through many link

Friday, September 5, 2014

Texas Faith: Falling into sin

Texas Faith: Falling into sin
By Rudolph Bush
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Most of us agree on the difference between right and wrong. It is wrong to steal; it is wrong to commit adultery; it is wrong to kill.
The parameters of right and wrong are widely shared in most civil societies. But we often find ourselves, in the practice of everyday life, justifying little wrongs with the balance that we do greater good in some other area. And some of us, over time, begin to justify greater and greater wrongs as we accustom ourselves to lives of what we might call sin.
Think about how this happens in an individual. Is this the spiritual battle we are meant to fight, the push back against the slide into doing wrong? What draws the soul or mind toward sin, and what is the defense against it?
MIKE GHOUSE, President, Foundation for Pluralism and speaker on interfaith matters, Dallas

Let’s understand Sin from a religious, societal and personal point of view. Religiously, sin is any act that goes against the moral guidance laid out by the religion one follows, where as societal sin is any act that breaks the social harmony and balance in a given environment.
When it comes to personal view of sin, the battle starts with desiring the undesirable, both of which are set up by ourselves, and then we resist the temptation to slide one way or the other.
Here is a Native American way of understanding the sin, “All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does it to himself.”
So whatever we do to affect that web, be it religious, social or personal, we do it to ourselves. We are very malleable, and can cope with extremes in doing the right thing and wrong thing, fully aware that every act has a consequence in terms of reward as being at peace, and punishment being anxious.
Religiously, the Hindu and Jain psyche is conditioned to resist eating meat, let alone beef, as it is considered sacred, whereas the Jews and Muslims are programmed to stay away from Pork products. Whether we believe in the story of Adam and Eve or not, one point is certain – our DNA is programmed to go after the forbidden fruit. I have run into my Hindu friends in cafeterias eating beef and begging me not to tell anyone, and my Jewish friends in breakfast lines quietly grab a piece of bacon and say, you did not see this, did you? Invariably we lie with a no!
There is a joy in adhering to the rules, even though there is temptation to break them. Quite frequently while driving late nights, a stop sign comes up, not a soul for miles, yet we stop, the debate ensues; am I stopping because it is the right thing to do whether anyone sees it or not, or is it because I don’t want to get caught? Both the reasons work in tandem. A majority of the times, a majority of us do the right thing, if not the world would be chaotic.
Sometimes, I let myself eat lunch without restrictions and nervously worry about a call from the wife as it will generate a massive internal debate; to tell the truth or listen to a long unending lecture about calories for my own good.
Man it is difficult to lie to ourselves; a majority of us yield to the built-in checks and balances, but a small percentage of us ignores it and ends up in Jails as a part of the civic sin. The good news is the sinners are few; perhaps less than 1% of a given population, otherwise life would have been chaotic.
To read the take of 10 other panelists, go to Dallas Morning News
Thank you

Mike Ghouse

(214) 325-1916 text/talk
Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on Pluralism at work place, politics, religion, society, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, food and foreign policy. All about him is listed in several links at and his writings are at and 10 other blogs. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mike Ghouse on Google Search

Today, Google Search with Mike Ghouse produced 501,000 entries
Google Profile had 6, 656,973 views recorded 8.8 Million visitors
Average daily visitors on my different blogs and Google profile has gone up to 21,000 Now

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism
, politics, peace, Islam, Israel, India, interfaith, cohesive work place. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at Mike believes in Standing up for others and a book with the same title is coming up, and the process of making the film "Flames of Passion" has begun. Mike has a strong presence on national and local TV, Radio and Print Media. He is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News; fortnightly at Huffington post; regularly at Oped News and several other periodicals across the world. His personal site indexes all his work through many links

Fox News : Hannity Show with Zuhdi Jasser and Mike Ghouse

After giving them the warning to retreat and stop killing, and if they don't, they will face drones, we have to get them dead or alive. My article will hit Huffington post tonight with the title, if not it will be at - I am a Gandhian and will remain one.

Thank you
Mike Ghouse
(214) 325-1916 text/talk
Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on Pluralism at work place, politics, religion, society, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, food and foreign policy. All about him is listed in several links at and his writings are at and 10 other blogs. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.

President Obama, go ahead and destroy ISIS

President Obama, I admire your unusual courage, you have been a hero, and a sane man in my books, and a coward a few times. 


On behalf of Muslims, I strongly condemn the evil acts of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi for terrorizing Christians, Yazidis, Shiites and other minorities in Iraq. He is an evil man and must be caught and processed for his crimes against humanity, there is genocide in making, and I recommend a bounty be posted to get him dead or alive. 

As I wrote previously, no one should have the right to chase any one out of their own homes. The Quran recommends severe punishment to the oppressors and suggests hunting them down where ever they can be found and punishing them accordingly, unless they sincerely repent and back off, and if they do back off and surrender, they go to Guantanamo for a full orderly trial that US law permits. If those specific individuals don't surrender, drone them! Go ahead, degrade and destroy them.

Full aticle at Huffington post -

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hannity Radio - a conversation with Sean Hannity and Brigitte Gabriel about ISIS

Mike Ghouse

Conversation with Sean Hannity and Brigitte Gabrielle on Hannity Radio today,  it will be aired at 5:00 PM CST on WBAP Radio in Dallas, and over 250 stations across the US. To find your local radio station, please visit

The critical point I made without interruption and challenge is as follows; 

She Quoted a Verse from Qur'an, and said the reason Saudi Arabia is not questioning ISIS is because it would amount to criticizing the prophet who did the same thing as the ISIS guys.

I said first of all it was wrong, Prophet did not authorize any one to kill unless it is in self-defense, and added that Saudi and every Muslim nation has condemned their acts. She added that  Al-Azhar has not issued a Fatwa because of the same reason.

I urged her to read three verses before and three after the given verse, and not pluck a word, phrase and sentence to misrepresent the meaning.

And of course, I denounced the misinterpretations of the Islamic scholars from the past, that give legitimacy to crackpots like ISIS.  We have to stick with Qur'an, and my article: “Two Islams – a mangled up and the pristine one” should be published in the next few days that addresses the same issue. 

I shared the Qur'anic formula in dealing with the bad guys which are identical to American laws; i.e., i
f some one enters your home forcibly, you can chase them and if they don't leave and attack you instead, you can kill them without consequence,  that is your right.  Qur'an has the same formula consistently applied with almost every verse. 

  1. Tell them not to attack you, if they continue, ask them to back off,
  2. If they still attack you, repel them, and find wherever you can and Kill them
  3. However if they retrieve, repent, and fold, stop the chase
  4. Islam does not permit killing anyone unless it is in self-defense.

Of the millions of listeners, even if a few of our listeners understand this formula, a lot of misunderstandings will be removed. I hope this contributes towards getting people to finding facts and the truth on their own. Bad people do bad things and they are in every group, religion has nothing to do with it.

I also added that if there were an application process involved to approve an organization to be called Islamic or Muslim, ISIS’s application will be rejected out rightly.

Almost every Muslim nation and organization has condemned the ISIS rogues, and I have suggested to the President that give them the ultimatum to retrieve, surrender or face the drones. We need to get rid of the specific individual leaders then others will run.

Due to time constraints, I will end this note here instead of full conversation. If I get the time to post the recording of the show, I will add to this note.

Several references were made from my earlier article at Huffington post:

A few tweets before the show:
Brigitte Gabriel ?@act4america - I will be live on @seanhannity radio this afternoon at 5 pm ET. I'm on with @MikeGhouse we talk about #StevenSotloff

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I will be live on @seanhannity radio this afternoon at 5 pm ET. I'm on with @MikeGhouse we talk about #StevenSotloff

Brigitte Gabriel ?@act4america -
I will be live on @seanhannity radio this afternoon at 5 pm ET. I'm on with @MikeGhouse we talk about #StevenSotloff


Mike Ghouse is a public speaker, thinker, writer and a commentator on Pluralism at work place, politics, religion, society, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, food and foreign policy. All about him is listed in several links at and his writings are at and 10 other blogs. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.