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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Janamashtami

Celebration of Sri Krishna's birthday, the man who gave us so much wisdom in Bhagvad Gita. The book is an encapsulation of his advise to Arjuna when he goes through different phases of thoughts and actions. ...It is one of the best self analysis books to read.

One of my best inspirations comes from Bhagvad Gita, the following verse or shloka turned my life around " finding the truth is one's own responsibility" and all my work on Religion and Pluralism emantes from that. It is a very powerful statement.

The other Sholoka Sri DD Maini shares with me frequently is - do your work, and don't look for the fruit.. Indeed, you may want to think about the meaning in it. When you set out to do some good, don't fail yourselves with negative thoughts, if you fail yourselves why should any one want you to succeed? Let the invisible creator make that call. You just do it.

When I was a baby, I was dressed up as Krishna (baby) as on in the picture on the left, and a matka (vessel made of clay) with Makhan (butter) was placed infront me and apparently I did just like Sri Krishna did with the Makhan... my pictures were in many homes...I have to go find them... after 57 years!

I grew up with all the beautiful traditions of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains and Zoroastrians in my town, never thinking it was their festival or ours, festival is every one's way of being with friends and family. My Dad was the Mayor the town of Yelahanka, a suburb of Bangalore. In fact my home is the home of Bangalore's founder - Kempe Gowda. When I was born, I was circulating in every one's hands in the town. I was donned as Bala (kid) Krishna and my pictures were in all his friends homes. I ask my brothers and sister to reach out to families of Gopal Gowda, Ramaswamy, Shankrappa and Bellur Muniyappa, they have the pictures of me as Krishna when I was a toddler. Those folks are all gone but their kids are still around.

When Najma and I were in Brindavan to visit the birth place of Sri Krishna, it was very inspiring to think about the man who changed so many lives, and I was privileged to see that place where he was born. Krishna is one my mentors and inspiration in life and hope to learn a lot from reading about him. Indeed, one of the best teachers in Bhagvad Gita is Swami Nityananda Prabhu at the Hare Krishna Temple in Dallas. He and I have spent over 100 hours talking about Hinduism and Bhagvad Gita on my Radio talk show "wisdom of religion, all the beautiful religions"He shares the Pluralistic vision of Sri Krishna.

We bought several song tapes out in Brindavan, ... . I was frustrated as I could not find the song by Rafi and Lata... Sonu had made so many copies of it that Rafi's original version had become rare. Finally we found it in a remote store and enjoy it very much.

Here is my favorite Janmasthami Song

# #
Sri Krishna is one of my mentors along with Prophet Muhammad, Gandhi, MLK, Jesus and a few others. These souls were committed to peace and co-existence, they wanted nothing but goodness for human beings.

I have quite extensively written about vasudeva Kutumbakam , it is the ultimate essence of all faiths. The idea of one God or oneness of God is another expression of Vasudava Kutumbakam - the whole world is one family....

Quraan mentions that God has sent 124,000 messengers to the world - meaning God did not leave out any one, 124000 is number to indicate reaching out to every one. God has not excluded any group. Sri Krishna says, whereever unrighteousness emerges, I will emerge and bring the righteousness (dharma) back. Both mean bringing sanity to people when they are not - most people get that messages and few don't.

Hare Krishna to ya'll.


Acala-dharaka – He who lifted the Govardhana-hill
Acyuta –He who is infallible
Aghasura-vinasi – He who defeated Agha-demon
Barhavatamsaka – He who wears a peacock-feather
Bhakta-vatsala – He who is affectionate towars His devotees
Bhramaka – He who is a cheat
Bimbasya – He whose lips are like bimba-fruits
Caru-locana – He who has beautiful eyes
Caura-jara-sikha-mani – He who is the crest-jewel of thieves
Dama-baddhahvayi – He who was bound with a rope
Damodara – He who was bound around the belly
Danindra-candra – He who is the king of moonlike tax-collectors
Dhenukasura-sanghata – He is the killer of the ass-demon Dhenuka
Dina-bandhu – He who is the friend of the fallen
Ghana-syama – He who is of a darkish colour (ghana and syama both mean darkish, blackish)
Giridhari – He who is the lifter of Govardhan
Girivaradhari – He who is lifter of Govardhan, the greatest of mountains
Gokulananda – He who gives bliss to Gokula
Gokulananda-kari – He who is the cause of Gokula’s bliss
Gokula-bandhu – The friend of Gokula
Gokula-candra – He who is the moon of Gokula
Gokula-ranjana – He who delights Gokula
Gokula-vallabha – He who is dear to Gokula
Gokulendra – He who is the king of Gokula
Gopala – He who is a cowherd-boy
Gopala-kamini-jara – He who is the paramour lover of the passionate cowherd ladies
Gopala-ramani-bharta – He who is the master of the young wives of the cowherds
Gopali-citta-harta – He who stole the minds of the gopis
Gopanganavrta – He who is surrounded by beautiful-limbed cowherd ladies
Gopa-nari-priya – He who is dear to the wives of the cowherd men
Gopa-svami – He who is the lord of the cowherds
Gopa-vesa-dhara – He who is dressed like a cowherd
Go-patha – He who follows the path of cows
Gopati – He who is the master of cows
Gopati-nandana – He who is the prince of the cowherds
Gopendra-nandana – He who is the son of the king of cowherds
Gopika-priti-ranjana – He who delights the gopis with His love
Gopi-jana-vallabha – He who is dearmost for the gopis
Gopinatha – He who is the master of the gopis, or He whose master are the gopis
Gopika-nayanananda – He who delights the eyes of the gopis
Gopika-prana-vallabha – He who is lord of the lives of the gopis
Gopi-kanta – He who is the lover of the gopis
Gopi-prana-dhana – He who is wealth of the life of the gopis
Gopi-priya-jana – He who is the dearmost of the gopis
Gopi-raksana – He who protects the gopis
Gopi-vastra-haraka – He who stole the gopis’ clothes
Gopi-vimohana – He who enchants all the gopis
Gotra – He who is the protector of cows
Govardhana-dhari – He who held up Govardhan with His hand
Govinda – He who gives pleasure to cows, gopis, gopas and senses
Govinda-gopala – He who is the cowherd boy who gives pleasure to cows, gopis and gopas
Hari – He who steals
Indivara-dala-syama – He is dark like a blue lotus petal
Kama-kala-nidhi – He who is expert in amorous arts
Kamalabha – He who is like a lotus
Kamalaksa – He who has lotus-eyes
Kami – He who is passionate
Kana – An affectionate nickname of Krishna
Kanhaiya – An affectionate nickname of Krishna
Kala-nidhi – He who is a treasurehouse of artistic skils
Kalindi-prema-puraka – He who is a flood of love flowing in the Yamuna
Kaliya-damana – He who subdues the Kaliya serpent
Kamadeva – He who is the god of love
Kamala-locana – He who has lotus eyes
Kamala-mukha-lolaksa – He who looks at Radha’s face with eager eyes
Kamala-patraksa – He whose eyes are like the petals of lotus flowers
Kandarpa – He who is like Cupid
Kandarpa-dipanah – He who awakens amorous desires
Kandarpa-koti-lavanya – He who is equal to millions of Cupids
Karuna-sindhu – He who is an ocean of mercy
Kesava – He who has beautiful hair
Kesi-ha – He who killed the Kesi-demon
Kesi-vadha – He who killed the Kesi-demon
Kisora – He who is a youthful boy
Kokila-svara-bhusana – He who is ornamented with a voice like that of the cuckoo-birds
Krpa-kara – He who is merciful
Krsna-candra – The moonlike all-attractive one
Kunja-bihari – He who enjoys in the forest groves
Lavanya-lahari-sindhuh – He who is an ocean of waves of handsomeness
Lila-kamala-pujita – He who is worshiped with a pastime lotus
Lila-manusa-vigraha – He who enjoys pastimes in a human form
Madana-manohara – He who steals the mind of Cupid
Madana-mohana – He who enchants Cupid
Madana-gopala – He who is a Cupid-like cowherd boy
Madhava – He who is beautiful like the spring-season, who is intoxicating like honey-wine, and who …
Madhumardana – He who extracts honey
Madhusudana – He who defeated the Madhu-demon, or He who defeats honey in sweetness, and He is the husband (dhava) of all beauty (ma).
Mala-kara – He who makes garlands
Manohara – He who captures the mind
Mina-ketana – He who is like Cupid
Mukunda – He who is the giver of liberation
Murali-manohara – He who enchants with his fluteplaying
Murali-vadana – He who is the player of flute
Murari – He who is the enemy of Mura-demon
Nagara – He who is a lover
Nanda-dulala – He who is the dear son of Nanda
Nanda-gopala – He who is the cowherd boy of Nanda
Nanda-kumara – He who is the son of Nanda
Nanda-nandana – He who is the son of Nanda
Nanda-kisora – He who is the youthful son of Nanda
Nanda-suta – He who is the son of Nanda
Nanda-tanuja - He who is the son of Nanda
Navanitasana – He who enjoys fresh butter
Navanita-taskara – He who steals fresh butter
Nava-yauvana – He who is eternally youthful
Navina nirada – He who is like a fresh raincloud
Parama-karuna – He who is supremely merciful
Phullaravinda-nayana – He whose eyes are like blossoming lotuses
Pitambara – He who is dressed in yellow clothes
Prananatha – He who is the lord of life (of the Vrajavasis)
Prema-niketana – He who is a divine abode of prema
Priya-karaka – He who acts in a lovely way
Pundarika – He who is like a lotus flower
Pundarikaksa – He whose eyes are like lotuses
Putana-moksa-dayaka – He who liberated Putana
Radhalingana-sammoha – He who is bewildered by Radha’s embraces
Radharadhayita – He who worships Radha
Radha-citta-pramodaka – He who delights the mind of Radha
Radha-hrdayambhoja-satpada – He who is the bumblebee attracted to the lotus of Radha’s heart
Radha-kama-phala-prada – He who gives the fruit of Radha’s desires
Radha-kanta – He who is a lover of Radha
Radha-manmatha-vaibhava – He who is the Cupid who attracts Radha
Radha-mohana – He who enchants Radha
Radha-mukhabja-martanda – He who is the sun who makes the lotus of Radha’s face bloom
Radha-nartana-kautuka – He who is eager to dance with Radha
Radha-nayaka – He who is the lover of Radha
Radha-natha – He who is the lord of Radha
Radha-pati – He who is the master of Radha
Radha-prana-natha –He who is the lord of Radha’s life
Radha-prana-sama – He to whom Radha is as dear as His life
Radha-ramana – He who gives pleasure to Radha
Radha-rati-sukhopeta – He who enjoys amorous pastimes with Radha
Radha-sanjata-sampriti – He who is overjoyed because of Radha
Radha-vadanabja-madhuvrata – He who is a bee attracted to Radha’ lotus face
Radha-vallabha – He who is the beloved of Radha
Radha-vasi-kara – He who fascinates Radha
Radhikanandana – He who gives bliss to Radhika
Radhika-ranjana – He who delights Radhika
Radhika-ramana – He who gives pleasure to Radhika
Radhikanatha – He who is the lord of Radhika
Rajiva-locana – He whose eyes are like lotuses
Rama – He who gives pleasure, He who enjoys
Ranga – He who enjoys
Ranga-mahiruha – He who is a tree of enjoyment
Ranjaka – He who is charming
Ranjana – He who is charming
Rasavihari – He who is the enjoyer of rasa
Rasaraja – He who is the king of relishers
Rasa-rasayana – He who brings nectar of life to the rasa-dance
Rasika-sekhara – He who is the best among enjoyers of rasa
Rasikendra-sekhara – He who is the king among the best relishers of rasa
Rasikendra-cudamani – He who is the crown-jewel among the kings of rasa
Sankhacuda-vadhoddama – He who killed Sankhacuda-demon
Sarva-kama-pradayaka – He who is the fulfiller of all desires
Sikhanda-cudaya – He who wears a peacock-feather in His head
Sindura-tulitadharah – He whose lips are red like sindura
Srngara-murti – He who is the very form of amorous love
Subha-darsana – He who is beautiful to behold
Su-bhru-yugala – He whose two eyebrows are beautiful
Su-kapola-yuga – He whose two cheeks are beautiful
Su-lalataka – He whose forehead is beautiful
Sundara – He who is beautiful
Syama – He who has a darkish complexion
Syamasundara – The beautiful, bluish Krishna
Tribhangi – He whose form is bent from three places
Trnavartantaka – He who was the end of Trinavarta demon
Ujjvala-vigraha – He who is the very form of conjugal love
Ulukhali – He who was bound to a grinding mortar
Vanamali – He who wears a beautiful garland of forest flowers
Vamsi-dhari – He who carries a flute in with Him
Vamsi-vihari – He who rejoices in playing His flute
Vamsi-gopala – He who is the flute playing cowherdboy
Vamsivata-vihari – He who enjoys at Vamsivata
Venu-vadya-visarada – He who is an expert flute-player
Visalaksa – He who has large eyes
Vraja-jana-palana – He who protects the Vrajavasis
Vraja-mohana – He who bewilders Vraja
Vraja Uttamsa – The flower-crown of Vraja
Vrajendra-nandana – He who is the son of the king of Vraja
Vrajera rakhala – He who is the protector of Vraja
Vrndapati – He who is the master of Vrinda
Vrndavana-candra – He who is the moon of Vrindavana
Vrndavana-cara – He who roams in the forests of Vrindavana
Vrndavana-natavara – He who is the most expert dancer in Vrindavana
Vrsabhanusuta-pati – He who is the master of the daughter of Vrisabhanu
Vrsasura-vighataka – He who defeated the Vrisa (Arista) demon.
Yamalarjuna-mukti-da – He who liberated the Yamalarjuna-trees
Yamuna-tira-sacari – He who wanders on the banks of Yamuna
Yasoda-dulala – He who is the darling son of Yasoda
Yasoda-khani-mani – He who is a jewel from Yasoda’s womb
Yasoda-nandana – He who is Yasoda’s son
Yasoda-vatsala – He who loves Yasoda
Yasoda-yasa – He who is the fame of Yasoda
Yasomati-nandana – He who is Yasoda’s son.
........................................... these names are shared by Kavita


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Humor for the day

It is good to laugh at least a few times a day;
a sense of completness permeates in you
when you do your daily share of calling a friend,
reading poetry, philosophy, religion, politics, humor or
whatever suits you.


Indian1: Oye, what will happen if electricity was not discovered?
Indian2: Nothing, then we would have watched TV in candle light.

Teacher: "What is common between JESUS, KRISHNA, MOHAMED, GANDHI and BUDHA?"
Indian: "All were born on government holidays...!!!

Teacher: What is difference between Orange and Apple?
Indian: Color of Orange is orange, but color of Apple is not APPLE

Indian1: I got a brand new Ford IKON for my wife!
Indian2: Wow!!! That's an unbelievable exchange!!!

Judge: Don't U have shame? It is the 3rd time U R coming to court..
Indian: U R coming daily, don't U have shame?

Teacher: Which is the oldest animal in world?
Indian: ZEBRA
Teacher: How?
Indian: Bcoz it is Black & White



Two men, one American and an Indian were sitting in a bar drinking shot after shot.
The Indian man said to the American, “You know my parents are forcing me to get married to this so called homely girl from a village whom I haven't even met once.’ We call this arranged marriage. I don't want to marry a woman whom I don't know or love. I told them that openly and now have a hell lot of family problems.”

The American said, “Talking about love marriages... I'll tell you my story.”

I married a widow whom I deeply loved and dated for 3 years.. “After a couple of years, my father fell in love with my step-daughter and married her, so my father became my son-in-law and I became my father’s father-in-law.”

Legally now my daughter is my mother and my wife my grandmother. More problems occurred when I had a son. My son is my father’s brother and so he is my uncle.

Situations turned worse when my father had a son. Now my father’s son, my brother is my grandson. Ultimately, I have become my own grand father and I am my own grandson.. And you say you have family problems???

I hope you got the much deserved break for the moment.
Enjoy the rest of the day


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good people at the Airport

Louisville, Kentucky
Monday, August 3, 2009

Yasmeen and I missed the exit to the airport in Louisville and went around in circles to get back on the road again. I was really surprised at the poor signage at the airport from the back roads.

She dropped me off at the departure terminal at 6:57 and the plane was to take off at 7:10 and I ran from the door to the ticket counter. Even in my middle school I did not run that fast, I must have run fast like a disappearing shadow at sunrise. The lady at AA counter said I could not check the bag in it was too late. However, she agreed to let me carry it with the caveat that I am taking a chance. Gee, it took about a minute or two and then I took off.... and came to full halt at the security check. The announcement came on the radio, last call for boarding AA, Flight # 529 to Dallas.

I walked up to the lady who checks the Drivers license and the ticket and said, "I just heard the last call to the flight, would you let me in" ... By God, ten men and women in the front line said "Go" in sync, and the lady said, if they let you, I will let you in. Then the chorus came back "Please go". For a moment I did not know what to say and stood there like a dummy, they chorused again “Please go" and the lady said, they say you can go now. In those few short seconds, I recalled a scene from the movie crocodile Dundee, where the guy was passed on over peoples heads towards Kathleen Turner and they all said in Chorus “he says he loves you".

Then I placed my things on the belt towards the scanner, the angel in front me, picked up my carrying bag and placed it in front of hers and said "Mike, please go". She had heard my name at the check. Golly, it was such a beautiful experience!

Out of the scanner, I dashed for the 1000 meters again, before that, the scanner lady walked up and pulled two pens from my back pocket, which I had forgotten to speed up the process. Any way, I was on the run again, and about 100 meters down, the electric cart came, the lady stopped and said are you catching the flight to Dallas? Like a two year old, I shook my head in big agreement, she said hop in and out she drives... like a bat out of the hell with the siren and all and slams the breaks in front of the check in gate.

I was waking up from my dream, when the check in man saw my bag. I still had my waist belt over my shoulders, luckily the pants stayed on, thanks to Yasmeen for feeding me well. He smiled and said you are guilty aren't you? The toddler in me could not disagree with him. He said "run" after he scanned my ticket in a jiffy.

There I was on the plane all excited and called Yasmeen, that is the first time in our relationship she probably did not understand a word I said and I did not know what I was saying either. The excitement from the good people was too much... every one from the ticket counter through ticket scanner was fabulous! God bless them all.

All that frustrations about poor road signage disappeared into thin Air.

Thanks to all of them and God for creating loving human beings all around with so much love.


Dallas Neighborhoods

8:30 AM, August 4, 2009

I was in the Municipal Court of Judge Kaufman for a citation.

The Citation was for the trash placed in front of house that I take care of for a friend; the City had issued a citation for a penalty up to $1000.00.

However, I was visiting the property on my routine Sunday drive, and I called in the guys and the trash was removed the next day, the City Attorney produced the picture of the trash sitting in front of the house. The Judge dismissed the case as the trash was removed immediately.

After that, I praised the City for taking this action, as one of the former Neighborhood Commissioners of the City of Carrollton; I admire the action taken by the City; issuing the citation for trash on the street. This sure will improve the quality of neighborhoods and the perceived values. I asked the Judge if I could take the picture and he authorized me to do so for my blog. Here it is.

Mike Ghouse