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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 18, 2001 - My Mother embarked on her eternal journy

I shared a longer note with my family members
and thanks to Tanveer, he has updated with exact timings.
Also posted on facebook and am overwhelmed with the responses:
Mike Ghouse :: NINE YEARS AGO THIS DAY, I was admiring her beautiful angelic face, she had tied all the loose ends of life before departing on her eternal journey, she was free and had peace written all over her face. Thank you Mom, I will do my best to tie the loose ends of my life and be free. I love you.
The following friends share their thoughts;
Lubi  Lubna
may Allah bless her soul ameen.
Brijmohan Sharma
with tears and love...May the Lord, The God..The Allah bless her soul.. Ameen...
Yossi Lopez-Hineynu
May the Beloved bless your dear mother's soul, my friend
Jeremy Jones
May her memory be a source of strength, her teachings a source of wisdom, her legacy a son who spreads kindness. I am thinking of you, chaver
Prativa Thomas
I was in India on 25th Jan 2010 - my mother's 5th death anniverssary. I can fully empathise with you!
God Bless

Ajay Santokh Ram
mike ghouse sahib , scanning your photographs ...lovely ..
you are at peace with yourself ..your wife is happy in your company ..
i don't know your birth place .. but in your previous birth you were a saint ( hindu ) ::: your statements flow from agya chakra and are full of serenity and luv ..::
keep it up big brother .
Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk
Mike, it was wonderful being with you tonight. I didn't know the importance of this evening (or morning) for you until I checked facebook just now. Having lost my Dad in January 7yrs ago, I understand what you are feeling. May your mother's spirit continue to guide your heart and her wisdom speak directly to your soul. When we listen to those now ... See Morepassed, we welcome them into a new kind of intimacy wherein their strength fuels our own, allowing us to "see" what we might not otherwise receive as our own conception...but in a dance of awareness, we can still learn, widening the illumination they gave to us. Your mother and your father would both be proud that they planted seeds inside you that have grown into a man capable of standing for his own beliefs, devoted more to integrity than his own ego, and whose altruisim ignites in others the realization of a shared humanity. I know I for one, am proud to know you, Mike.
Mike Ghouse

- Rebekah, Irum, Pd, Libra, Rawina, Sakri, Pratiba and Lubi, thanks for feeling the energy of love. I really appreciat it.
- Brij Mohan, Yossi, Jeremy, Prativa and Ajay, your words are heartfelt and I appreciate it very muich. Prativa thanks for sharing about your mother, may her soul be blessed.
- Ajay, I was born in Bangalore, India, Thank you for the words of wisdom, I love the energy of caring and loving the sianst emanate and hope to catch is as much as I can.
- Mary Ann, thanks for sharing about your Dad, indeed my mothers spirit continues to guide me, one wisdom she pumped in me was, control your self, life would be easy, I am motivated by all the times.
- Mary Ann, thanks for the dinner, it was good being with you and the group laughing our hearts out. I am tempted to believe that you and I were related in a previous birth, either your were my daughter or a older sister or perhaps a mother, that is the halo of you that touches me.... See More
- I am blessed and greatful for every one. I closed my evening last night with a universal prayer and gratitude to my mother. Thank you.
2 hours ago ·
Angie Buchanan
Mike - you are living my favorite quote.
"Rather than grieve the absence of flame, let us celebrate how brightly it burned."
Peace to you my friend.
What is remembered lives.
S Farman Ahmad Naqvi
Mike, A wise human being always remains strong; MOTHER is such a wise human being given to all of us which always gives strength whether she is with you or her great memories.
about an hour ago ·
Nora Cedarwind Young
and the forms change, but the circle of life remains..
about an hour ago ·
Suzanna L Brown    Amina Akram    Majeed Akhtar    Nusrat Bokhari    Rebekah Nussbaum    Irum Khan    Pd Lyons    Libra Love Johnson    Rawinah Ranarty    Prativa Thomas    Sakri Zakaria    Lubi Lubna  
I was admiring my mothers beautiful angelic face, sitting right next to her bodyat our home in Yelahanka.I was blessed to say thank you to her 12 hours before she passed away.
She had tied all the loose ends of life before departing on her eternal journey, she was free and had peace written all over her face. That is the one of the biggest lessons of my life; to tie the loose ends. I have always felt good about that, thanks to her for calling on Saturday morning around 9:00 AM, Jeff, Mina and Najma were right next to me and I was crying like a baby and I am glad I did.
I was home in less than 24 hours, Farooq did not come to Bangalore Airportto pick me up, no one was answering the phones, it wasmidnight, I knew it and reached home around 5:00 AM.
Well, I will say my prayers and go to sleep now.
Thank you Ammi.
Assalaam-o-Alaikum Chan Mamu,

Exact details are not important but the remembrance is crucial.

Saturday 17th Feb 2001 08:00PM IST was the Final Call Time you talked with Ji-Ammi. You were asking her to wait until you are in india and she was responding it will be difficult for her to wait. And she was happy to talk to you.

She knew her time had come. She was telling Chote Mamu (Farooq) to get her out of the hospital and take her home. Mom and Pyare Mamu (Shan) were there with her until 05:30AM IST 18th Feb 2001, just little after the Call(Azaan) for the Fajr Prayer when she was given some milk to drink.

That was when she breathed her last.

You reached Bangalore around 03:00AM IST 19th Feb 2001 and reached home at 05:00AM IST 19th Feb 2001.

She was buried at 02:30 PM IST 19th feb 2001.

Khuda Hafiz,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

What about Muslim Brotherhood?

Some one tagged me on a photo posted by them.
- You heard of Al-Qaeda?
- You heard of Lashkar-e-Tayabba?
- You hears of Simi?
- You heard of Shiv Sena?
- You heard of Bajrang Dal?
- You heard of Naxalites?
- You heard of .............
- You heard of Red Brigade?
- You heard of Tamil Tigers?
- You heard of RSS?
- You heard of IRA?
- you heard of Irgum?
- you heard of settlers in Israel? 
They are not religious at all, none of their religions would permit them to do what they do.
They are loose cannons, and  come in all religions,  races and nationalities
Muslim brother hood is their carbon copy.
Where ever you find the above,
you find trouble...
The are all the same, frightening people, creating false information and wanting to kill others.
Mike Ghouse

East v. West

All atrocities must be condemned and indeed, they are being condemned in the west and in the east. What we hear, see and read is the work of extremists and not good people who are every where.
- The formula of governance is no different in Iran, India, USA, Palestine, Israel or Saudi Arabia; a few monopolize the power. Is it any different in a Mosque, Synagogue, Church or a temple? Nopes. The dominant spouse or parent gets away with a lot of things as well.
- It is the animal instinct in us to claim security, and we convert that into the form of superiority - Neither west is better nor is east, they are two societies operating on their own equilibriums. The practices in your family and your friend's family are not the same; they have different sub-cultures in terms of spouse, parents and kids relationships. People in west are no different than the east that has been my experience, my relationships are not few minutes in the office or at a dinner, they are deeper and I am shaped by that experience. We are motivated by the same sentiments.
-  The people in west abhor atrocities just as much as in the east, but they really don't do a whole lot about it. In one of the discussion threads that you and I were together, one fellow harassed a girl, indeed, he chased her out, I was the only one to tell the bully to back off, there were 19 others on the list, and did not say a word, did they? Did you? 
- We cannot blame either west or east, but ourselves, if each one of us acts in the right way, then it is safe to expect that a few more will do the same.
Mike Ghouse


Pictorial Report - Holocaust and Genocides

Pictorial Report - Holocaust and Genocides
The III Annual Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides.
Sunday, January 24, 2010

This was an educational program, where 7 speakers reflected on 7 topics for 7 minutes each. Then 7 commentators made comments about 7 different situations. The topics ranged from the Holocaust to Genocides, massacres and tragedies.

This is perhaps the first time in our history that we have acknowledged the genocides of the indigenous Americans and Native peoples of Americas in a public forum along with other tragedies.

There is a shameless cruelty in us, either we shy away or some times refuse to acknowledge the sufferings of others, worrying that it will devalue our own or some how it amounts to infidelity to our own cause, and shame on us for justifying massacres that the victims deserved it or they asked for it.

Continued at: http://holocaustandgenocides.blogspot.com/2010/02/pictorial-report-holocaust-and.html

Monday, February 15, 2010

Obama names Indian-American Muslim as special envoy

Your friend Mike Ghouse missed the opportunity for a greater personality.

Rashad Hussain is an activist par-excellence from my home town Dallas and is greatly influenced by the Indian ethos of Pluralism and inclusiveness. He would fit right in with President's Obama’s idea of one world, where we respect every nation and their sovereignty.

He will strengthen the pluralistic values of America, and President’s desire to encourage the community of nations to review our values of Liberty, Justice and co-existence as catalysts for prosperity. As a Special envoy to the OIC, Rashad will initiate a positive relationship between America and the Muslim nations, I am proud of his heritage; an Indian, a Muslim and an American.

We have to maintain a healthy balance within our communities and with all nations, what is good for America has got to be good for the world and vice versa to sustain the equilibrium, he is the right man for the job. May God bless him in uplifting America’s role in creating a better world for the good of all.

Continued: http://mikeghouseforamerica.blogspot.com/2010/02/obama-names-indian-american-muslim-as.html

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy President's day

Monday, February 15, 2010
Presidents' Day is a federal holiday in the US, which is celebrated on the third Monday in February. Known also as Washington's Birthday, it commemorates the birthdays of US presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Mike Ghouse

Happy Mahashiva Ratri

HAPPY MAHA SHIVARATRI (A Hindu festival tonite)
According to scholars, the cosmic dance of Shiva, called 'Anandatandava,' meaning, ‘the Dance of Bliss’ symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, as well as the daily rhythm of birth and death. The dance is a pictorial allegory of the five pri...nciple manifestations of eternal energy - creation, destruction, preservation, salvation, and illusion.

Mike Ghouse

Valentines Day taking on a new meaning

Valentines Day taking on a new meaning

Valentine’s Day is a designated day to celebrate love, where two people choose to express their affection for each other. Through out the history, words have taken on new and expanded meanings, so is Valentine's Day.

Valentine Day is a universal expression of affection between any two individuals. Between husband and wife, between two people in love, be it mother and son, father daughter, brother sister, friends, uncles, aunties, Grand Pa and Grand Ma.

Continued - http://mikeghouseforamerica.blogspot.com/2010/02/valentines-day-taking-on-universal.html

Saturday, February 13, 2010

weekending February 14, 2010

I wrote several pieces this week, here are a few

Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is a designated day to celebrate love, where two people choose to express their affection for each other. Through out the history, words have taken on new and expanded meanings, so is Valentine's Day.
~ ~ ~

Bad Fatwa by Muslim-American body against airport body scanners

The word "Fatwa" is wrongfully associated with "death threats", it may be wise for us, until we educate the public that it is merely an opinion, and instead use the word "Opinion". The word Fatwa carries a negative perception and until it is removed, it is not wise to use the word in this context. After all, we are using the English language to communicate and let the language be in English.

Furthermore, this "Fatwa" will be wrongfully propagated as Anti-American... continued: http://worldmuslimcongress.blogspot.com/2010/02/bad-fatwa-by-muslim-american-body-about.html
~ ~ ~

Petition for Native American Heritage Day

Please sign the Petition for Native American Heritage Day
My heart is in tune with the Native Americans and the native people around the world. I am sensitive to what they have endured over the centuries, it is time for all of us Americans to come together and acknowledge their contributions and honor their tradition with the Native American Heritage Day.
~ ~ ~
Synagogue Library Destroyed in Crete

In behalf of the Foundation for Pluralism and the World Muslim Congress I express my dismay about this incident. I am saddened that people attack the houses of worship and educational institutions.

As a community of people of the faith, we need to discourage such behavior, and as a Muslim I want to parttake in rebuilding of the synagogue Library by shipping a few books on Judaism that I have treasured.

Books are the most they want at this time.
~ ~ ~

Ancient Tribe Goes Extinct as Last Member Dies

It is time to mourn the end of an era of the Bo tribe in Andaman Islands, and it is sad to read this non-sense from the British officer Portman, who wrote in 1935, "the natives were still either ferocious enemies or at best half-tamed ". The Jerk got away with it, the world at that time let him - Mike Ghouse.

~ ~ ~

Stunned Passengers after Muslim bus driver pulls over

This is a ridiculous act of showoff, the Muslim man stopping the bus in the middle of the journey to pray with a busload of passengers waiting anxiously and watching him pray. What was he doing? Impressing others that prayer is important? It is indeed important, but not inconveniencing others. If he was on his own, he should do that, but he was carrying the responsibility of public transportation.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow in Dallas, Texas

Feb 11, 2010 - Carrollton (Dallas), Texas.
We do get snow every other year, but this year we have had thrice... on Christmas day, again in January and now in February... thank God, all my appointments were canceled this morning, and as I look outside of my home office window, it's snowing .. the flurries are continuously dropping, some look like cotton off the bushes ... love the looks of it. Then I went to the front door to see the lake across the street... and look through by backyard... it is covered with beautiful snow, it must be over an 1"... I see it on top of my car... I will get out later and take several more pictures... darn, I left the camera at the office, the pictures are from my phone camera.

Native American Heritage Day - corrospondence

I'm pleased to join in the efforts of the Native Americans for a special day to honor their heritage.


Info at:

comments at:




From: MikeGhouse@aol.com
To: cherokeekxxxxx.com
Sent: 2/11/2010 7:59:53 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Ruth.... Native Indian Heritage Day

Did you see the comments on facebook, and am glad, all my friends are signing up one by one, on the petition
On the sites - www.worldMuslimCongress.com , www.Foundationforpluralism.com and www.mikeghouse.net  I have provided the link for people to post their thoughts and notes as well. I am collecting all of this to pass on to you.
In a message dated 2/9/2010 9:58:49 P.M. Central Standard Time, cherokeekyxxxxxx.com writes:
Thank you for putting my petition on your website means a great deal to me. I do not have a committee. I have started this on my own. I have Cherokee heritage in my family and I am tired of the Native Americans still getting passed over. There are now teenage Native Americans committing suicide on the reservations now.  Some thing must be done. I have sent a letter through my congressman's website. If I have to I will start sending letters to all 50 state's senators just to be heard. I am sure if every one started to write to them and to the President of the US then hopefully we will be heard and this will pass on through; and also have enough people who have signed the petition. I am trying to get a web page going soon.  Thank you once again and thank you for signing my petition. 
Ms. Ruth Bryan



From: mikeghouse@aol.com
To: cherokeekyxxxxxxx.com

Sent: 2/10/2010 12:10:45 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Re: Petition Initiative for Native American Heritage Day

Dear Ruthie

To do good work you don't need to prove your heritage. I am an Indian and a Muslim, and feel I have to stand up for the under privileged

Mike Ghouse
(214) 325-1916

On Feb 10, 2010, at 11:31 AM, Ruthie <cherokeekyxxxxxxxxxxx.com> wrote:

Thank You Mike I believe right now we need just be heard and get all the signatures we can. Native Americans are still being treated as a low class citizens even though some have made it to Hollywood and some to do good.  November is suppose to be Native American Heritage month but we hear of nothing of any good that has come with in; like they do with Black Heritage Month.  I do agree with some Columbus Day needs to be replace with the Native American Heritage Day.  I do however can use some ideas I do not have a masters in anything. Just a diploma in Business Administration and a diploma from Stratford in Creative Writing. So, far I am the only one on my mother side to graduate from some type of college. I am just a single mom (widow) trying to make it a better world for my kids and my heritage. I wrote to some one on facebook; and told them it's my Cherokee heritage that comes out in me the most. I was thinking on doing DNA but comes to find out some those are just scams. So, I am going by what my grandmother told me. It was either my 3rd or 4th great grandfather that was full blood Cherokee. If she was still alive I could ask.

I am not sure who all is trying to get something like this done but I feel we could find one another and start combine together we can get this done sooner.  I will keep in touch and thank you I appreciate the help. Right now I am looking on finding a t-shirt printing place to have some t-shirts done. I had 3 air brushed at the mall this pass weekend. Loved how they turned out.  I am giving one away on facebook to the one who has the most recruits to my cause.   I had them to put a ribbon in the colors of the medicine wheel with a feather hanging next to it as my logo. Then it just says "Support to have a Native American Heritage Day".  
Sorry for being so long; thank you; I appreciate your help. I will keep in touch.

Ms. Ruth Bryan



From: "MikeGhouse@aol.com

Sent: Wed, February 10, 2010 10:00:35 AM
Subject: Ruth Bryan: the new write up..... hope you like it

I have written this to appeal to my face book friends to sign up.... hope you can comment on it and take us forward, are you on the face book?

Mike Ghouse


Letter sent to Ruth Bryan and copies to Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk and the members of the Memnosyne Board and Staff.


From: MikeGhouse@aol.com
To:  Names removed for privacy
CC:  Removed for privacy
Sent: 2/10/2010 12:41:25 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Petition Initiative for Native American Heritage Day


Dear Ruth,


My heart bleeds for the Native people and what they have endured over the centuries, it is time to acknowledge their tragedy and honor their tradition with the Native American Heritage Day.


I am glad you have taken this initiative and we are here to assist you in whatever little ways we can. It is your plan, and your drive, we will do whatever work you assign us to do, the way you want it.


My organization; the Memnosyne Foundation seeks to create a healthy, sustainable future for mankind, and has established seven centers to achieve that, two of them are dedicated to the preservation of native cultures and native medicine. My other organization, the Foundation for Pluralism is all about Co-existence and Harmony of different values systems.


In collaboration with the University of North Texas, Memnosyne foundation is organizing a conference for http://wisdomofreligion.blogspot.com/2009/12/indigenous-environmental-summit-2010.html.  


The World Muslim congress and the Foundation for Pluralism in collaboration with the Center for Spiritual living organized the III Annual reflections on Holocaust and Genocides, and I believe, it is for the first time, the  Genocides of the Native Americans was expressed in a public forum along with other Genocides and Holocaust. Peggy Larney and Ricardo Cervantes represented Native Americans and spoke at the event. Peggy Larney has compiled a report on the topic and the full report will be published in the Journal of Pluralism located on the Foundation for Pluralism website within a week and I will share the same with you. A full day conference on Holocaust and Genocides is planned for Wednesday, January 26, 2011. Short documentaries and discussions of every possible human brutality will be discussed in several panels.

I am copying the information to my board members; Co-Chairs Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, Joshua Frenk, Phillip Collins, Coke Buchanan, Gregory Gomez and other members of the Board.
The petition is at www.MikeGhouse.net and is ready to go online at www.FoundationforPluralism.com and www.WorldMuslimCongress.com  and will send it to my list of people to sign up.
You may also want to read about an: Ancient Tribe Goes extinct as last member dies
Please let Mary Ann, Coke or myself know what we can do.
Thank you for taking the initiative for the Native American Heritage Day.
Mike Ghouse
(214) 235-1916
In a message dated 2/9/2010 9:58:49 P.M. Central Standard Time, Ruthie ____writes:
Thank you for putting my petition on your website means a great deal to me. I do not have a committee. I have started this on my own. I have Cherokee heritage in my family and I am tired of the Native Americans still getting passed over. There are now teenage Native Americans committing suicide on the reservations now.  Some thing must be done. I have sent a letter through my congressman's website. If I have to I will start sending letters to all 50 state's senators just to be heard. I am sure if every one started to write to them and to the President of the US then hopefully we will be heard and this will pass on through; and also have enough people who have signed the petition. I am trying to get a web page going soon.  Thank you once again and thank you for signing my petition. 
Ms. Ruth Bryan 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peace pledege

Peace always begins with each one of us.

Here is a part of my speech, the same speech is given to all audiences, this one was tailored to a Muslim gathering.

Would you pledge to yourselves, that when some one highlights the differences, you would say, " the differences are God given" so is the "free will" and as an individual I am committed to peace for myself and peace for all, that is what religion is all about.

God guides me to know each other, so together we can create a kingdom of peace for all the 6.6 billion of us. I understand that my safety hinges on safety of others that surround me, and I cannot have peace when others around me aren't peaceful.

Would you further pledge that, " I would resist all temptations to mis-represent the otherness of other traditions. No matter what any one tries to get me to say negatively about other traditions or faith for that matter. I will refrain from talking ill about others, as I do not know the whole truth" If I do talk about other traditions, I will put my own integrity on line, and present them as though they would present it, I will resist the temptation to make their tradition look bad and mine look better.

No matter where I go, I want people to see me as a peace maker, a religious woman or a man, some one who is bent on mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill. I don't want people to be afraid of a Muslim or his beard or her Hijab, instead they should say OMG, here comes a Muslim, a peace maker, the truthful, the trustworthy and the Amin." This was the model of peace created by the Prophet and I will do my best to follow that model.

When you are at peace, you don't keep scores on what good others are doing, you just do your dharma and leave the fruit to the creator, when you are at peace, your anxiety to have, to know, to see results deadens, but hope emerges instead without anxiety.

Mike Ghouse.a conflict mitigator and goodwill nurturer.

What is freedom?

As humans we feel good when we have choices. On the other hand, we feel trapped when we have to live with what is dished out. Freedom is another word for choices. Freedom is the most precious aspect of life, can we achieve that?

Here are a few freedoms,
you can add what you'd like to be free from:

1. Freedom from the societal compulsions to conform
2. Freedom from the need to have things
3. Freedom from the traps of greed, anger, ill-will and malice
4. Freedom from the desperate wants of life
5. Freedom from the temptation to feel and act superior
6. Freedom from the need to be secure
7. Freedom from the anxieties of life

Do I have to be dead to be free?
Sure, but if you can imagine that you have just one day to live,
you probably will discard a whole lot of desire and focus on what you
can do in the next 24 hours.

What if we don't have 24 hours?

Mike Ghouse

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New meaning of Dharma, Artha, Kaama, and Moksha

New meaning of Dharma, Artha, Kaama, and Moksha
This thread is going well.

Can women be Imams:

Can women be Imams:

India, communal conflicts and solutions


Balance in life

Dharma, righteousness - Balance conscience are the internalized values of the society around, and it certainly varies to a smaller degree from culture to culture (culture differs from home to home and is not bound by geography).

In a few cultures, the parents may feel bad, but it may not bother them to spank their child in the name of discipline bordering on abuse, the child may accept that to be a norm, even though he or she may resent the parent for it and perhaps want to beat them up too.

An imbalance is created in both psyche - they may not have the time, or knowledge to come out of it. In societies where children are aware of abuse laws they have no hesitation calling the police, but there are those who suppress it out of fear....

What you see in every case is an imbalance in the spiritual plane, each one has a threshold, beyond which it triggers an action. But no matter what culture, society or faith we follow, the basic is same. There is God given balance in each one of us, a child is born with a zero balance on both the right side and wrong sides, we keep adding to both sides as we develop.

In Islam, the idea of Munkir- Nakir, the angels who register your bad and good karma exists; signifying the freedom one has to pile up either side and live with its consequences in terms of anguish (Hell fire) and serenity (Jannah).

There is one essence, and one singular cause gave birth to the universe and it all emanated from one source.

- The purpose of all religions is to bring a balance to an individual and what surrounds him/her; life and environment. Whether it is Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Bahai, Zoroastrianism or the native traditions, the unintended goal is same - peaceful co-existence.

Thanks for sharing the four elements of living a balanced (righteous) life;

Wisdom emanates from all sources, in different places and different formats; the bottom line is to create co-existence and harmony. ... See More

The teachings of Zarthustra, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, Muhammad, Nanak and all the great teachers are universal, and no one should own them nor should they confine it to a group, they never had a patent or copyright to be used exclusively, indeed their teachings belong to all of us and can be used in any proportion that works.

True Nirvana, Mukti, Moksha, Salvation, Nijaat or freedom comes when one is in full balance; physical, mental, and spiritual, and one is completely free and independent of external stimuli. I can clearly see how it works in each faith, let me give the Islamic perspective – After defending and stopping the aggressors from offensive destruction, Prophet Muhammad responded to his associates to the question, what next? He said the greater Jihad begins now. That is greater striving to reign in one’s temptation for revenging, anger, hate, malice and ill-will. Once conquer the base animal within, you would earn the title of “Ashraful Mukhlookhat” meaning honored creatures, the ones who have mastered their instincts.

What makes a thought, an act or a word right? Life is all about balance; justice is the ultimate in balance where no one feels insecure, unsafe and bonded. Indeed, Dharma is dynamic; righteousness can also be likened to peacefulness.

The ultimate responsibility to extricate oneself from fear and other enemies (anger, hate, ill-will etc) rests with the individual. No one but us is responsible for our thoughts, actions and words and we face it in our solitude.

Notes from my postings at Face Book on Arbania Fitrianis wall.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Mitigating communal conflicts

Mitigating communal ( Religious in Indian context) conflicts ; the discussion started with a simple post from a concerned Swamiji and we expect this to blossom into exploring the wisdom of religions to find solutions. You are welcome to contribute your ideas.

Please do not blame the religion, instead find solutions that religion offers without belittling the other and without score keeping. If you can do this, you have stepped on to becoming a peace maker which you want to be deep down in your heart. This thread is dedicated to finding solutions and not flaring up the conflicts, each one of us can share with others.

It is our duty to keep law and order and faithfully guard the safety of every citizen. Hate is one of the many sources of disrupting the peace in a society and it is our responsibility to track down the source of such hate and work on mitigating it. We have an obligation to maintain a balance in the society. When we are at peace, we can generate peace and we can expect peace around us. Our words and actions should mitigate conflicts and nurture reconciliation and goodwill.


Mike Ghouse
Mitigating conflicts and nurturing good will.

dear soul,blessings
how cammunal war controle in our area &universe tell me easy method we are accepting all valuable opinion it is more help full for universal peace activity
yours truely - shree c k p swami




Thanks for taking this initiative, it is a need of the day in the state of Karnataka for that matter, India and every place in the world.

First Analyze the conflict - whether it is Budangiri, vandalizing public property in protest of Prophet Muhammad's cartoons, bashing the girls in bars in Managalore or or vandalizing at the Valentine day's party, throwing rocks at a diety or buring a Quraan, monopolizing God's name exclusively, torching the church, destroying the mosque, desecrating a temple or writing swastika on a Synagogue or any such event that disturbs peace in the community. We have to determine the source and motivation for such conflict.

Was the conflict real or imaginary?

REAL CONFLICTS : Real conflicts involves affecting any one or all of the three elements; 1) one's space 2) one's sustenance [food and water] and 3) nurturance (loved ones who give us reason to live).

IMAGINARY CONFLICTS: Let's make it ridiculous, let's say we work together in an office, you are a Muslim and go to the bathroom and I am a Hindu and I go to the bathroom, when we meet back in hallway, do we talk about the bathroom experience? Does it bring conflict? That was a private matter between you and the commode.

Like wise, when you pray in a corner and I pray in the other, how does it affect either one of us? If both of us are women and you wear a Hijab and I wear a blouse with big time cleavage, how does it matter to either one of us?

A dilogue is necessary.

You have got to get the parties to sit down face to face and have a heart to heart talk.... its amazing what you find out in a majority of the cases. It usually is based on imaginary fears and phobias.

Our role, the role of religous people is to bring peace to humanity, it is achieved through mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill. We have to have the guts, to speak the truth and lead the people in the right direction - and not succumb to people who fund us or those few who scream at us.

Best wishes, I will be happy to talk with you about the process in a particular situation

Mike Ghouse


Great insights Mike!
Blessings - Doug
Rev. Doug Walker



I am following with interest the discussion regarding the conflict in Karnataka and appreciate Mike Ghouse's analysis of the situation. He points to three dimensions of potential conflict: space, material resources, and social nurturance. All other reasons for conflict, Mike suggests, is imaginary--as if the imaginary is not to be taken seriously. It is true, that often conflict is based on unreal (as opposed to imaginary) thoughts or feelings.

There is, however, another important dimension --the symbolic -- that plays an important part in inter-religious and other kinds of conflict. Symbols are valuable to communities, in that they structure the order of the community and give meaning to its members. Conflict is sometimes stirred when believers of different faiths challenge, ridicule, or commit sacrilege against symbols of faith. Symbols are "real" in that they form an integral part of a community's structure of reality. To attack a church, synagogue or mosque, to require or not require a woman to wear a birkha, to force one to work on the sabbath, to eat certain kinds of foods, to mock the eucharist, to disparage another's scriptures, etc. are examples of largely symbolic violence--real, not imaginary. (Of course, a burned-down synagogue is also a material and social loss.)

I do not think inter-religious conflict can be resolved unless there is respect for the symbols of another's faith. To say it positively, we need to have a model of conflict resolution that includes the power of symbols, and understand that much of inter-religious conflict is over the meaning and value of such symbols for the social health of a community. (To read more on religion as a symbol system, I refer to the work of Clifford Geertz in The Interpretation of Cultures.)

I hope this note is helpful to readers here.... please give us examples from your communities of faith and also post your stories of inter-religious conflict and resolution to the Parliament Media page.

Love, joy, peace

Graeme Sharrock
Parliament Media Group



Dear Graeme,

I appreciate your notes focusing on conflict resolution. This site is very productive and am glad to see every one genuinely adding and enhancing to bring peace within their communities.

Indeed, symbols are real and a comprehensive understanding must be developed from a co-existence point of view. Every example you have given must be addressed.

One cog in the wheel of solutions was differentiating between real and imaginary conflicts; as they say reduce it to the ridiculous to convey a message. All of us tune into WFIM Radio (what’ in for me).

Let’s look at this example to understand the difference in a real stories;

Four individuals working together in an office have become friendly over a period of time, and one day they decide to go for lunch. The food is ordered and they are chattering away the things that are common to them; football.

The food arrives on the table; every one is grim looking at each others plate. The Jain friend says shakes his head with frustration, “you guys don’t care about my sensitivity, you know I am a strict vegetarian, and despite that you have the dead animal on your plate, it is simply disgusting,” to this grim scene the Muslim/Jew fellow adds, “you know John, I don’t eat pork, how can you order this pig? “ And on and on… every one is concerned about his/her own feeling and sentiments and goes back to the office brooding over the insensitivity of the friends”.

This was an example of conflict resulting in tension.

On the other hand, look at the same scenario on the next table. The Muslim girl says to her Christian co-worker, “You have been talking about the pork chops for a while, I hope this gives you the pleasure you are looking for” and the Hindu chap looks at the Jewish girl and says, “I am glad you were able to order what you wanted to eat, I hope you enjoy that beef steak”. And the Christian turns to the Jain, and say, hey, hope this food is as good as your mom’s”.

What is the difference? It simply is an attitude! An attitude of respecting the otherness of other and accepting that his taste, clothes, worship is divine to him/her as mine is to me. An attitude that recognizes that what goes in your stomach is your business and should not bother me.

It is from this point of view I suggested that we tune into WFIM Radio and see if the conflict is real or imaginary. We have to incorporate recognizing and appreciating the symbolism of others as well.

I hope this adds to the idea of differentiating between real and imaginary conflicts.

Mike Ghouse
A goodwill nurturer and a conflict mitigator

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