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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter


Easter is a celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead, it is Christianity's most important holiday. Many a Christians don white clothing symbolizing purification. It was what Jesus donned once and to this day the tradition is followed at Yardent, where Jesus was baptized.

I was blessed to be baptized in River Jordan last year in the same spot where Jesus was baptized. It was an enriching experience to me in particular feeling the symbolic transformation.

Jesus is my mentor, a true pluralist who had no barriers between him and humanity, as a Muslim I felt the affirmation of that thought; of being boundless. 

Some of you may not be aware that Jesus is revered by Muslims, belief in him as a prophet is a requisition. He is considered as the bright star in the morning that brought the day light and predicted the arrival of Muhammad. Muslims further believe that Jesus is coming back as the Messiah around the end times and restore peace on earth and create the kingdom on earth where no human will be apprehensive of the other.

There is a full Chapter on Mary in the Quraan and Prophet Muhammad said there are three women who need to be looked up to as role models; Mary, Asia (the one who raised Moses) and Fatima (prophet’s daughter) and none of the women were traditional, they stood up against odds and changed the course of history.  The Hijab many Muslim women wear has origins in Mother Mary’s Hijab.

It was a trip called “MEPI” Middle East Peace Initiative organized by Universal Peace Federation. I was blessed to visit the holy sites of Bahais in Haifa, Druze near Golan Heights, and of course the Wailing Walls (Jews), Masjid Al-Aqsa (Muslims) and Holy Sepulcher and every Place where Jesus had been, via del Rosa where he walked with the cross, his burial place where he was risen, it was just an incredible experience and will write about it for Christmas.

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Happy Easter

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