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Monday, November 5, 2012


Although my enthusiasm for the election has remained high, I am also tense, frightened at times about the prospects of getting the worse or worst guy elected as President. This is the first time I am deeply concerned and apprehensive about our nation’s next four years.

What I did not do; 4 TV spots and a Romney Obama Song

Being a pluralist, I have come to value every individual, faith, race, ethnicity and culture. My friends include Atheists to Zoroastrians and every one in between on the faith side, and on the political spectrum I have Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians. I am a Republican, a moderate one like Schwarzenegger, Collin Powel, John Huntsman and a host of other Republicans who put America first. I voted the Democrat Obama for President, Republican Cruz for Senate, Republican Marchant for Congress, and a host of Republican and Democrat Judges and commissioners, but mainly Republican. Here is the list of whom I voted - http://theghousediary.blogspot.com/2012/11/today-i-voted-for-barack-obama.html

Obama has made a few mistakes, one of them is putting health reform bill ahead of job creation, otherwise, he has done most of the things right. Romney was my first choice, but I lost him when he conveniently switched from a moderate Republican to the right wing position and then again a liberal pandering simply to get elected. I am not sure what we will get from him. I have opted for the stabilizing Obama, against the chaotic repeal marathon on day one if Romney gets elected.

Deep down, I seriously doubt if the conservative Republicans trust him, but their desperation to have a Republican is making them make serious compromises they will come to regret. Romney has betrayed the moderates; conservatives and even liberals, and we can expect him to do the same to the American Public if he were elected. I promise you this; I will aggressively seek to reshape my GOP, I am sick of the extremist takeover of the party, just as I was sick of extremist takeover of Islam, a few years ago.  However, I will do my share of the work after November 7th and seek support from the fellow Republicans.

I had plans to make the following commercial spots, but did not make it:

1.    A group of corporate leaders are in a huddle talking about the 47% and laughing about the moochers…then a veteran, an unemployed, a pregnant woman and a senior walk in - they stopped laughing, one of the actors playing Romney looks at them and starts defending.. no no , we were not talking about you… then the moochers (per Romney) walk out… Romney tells one of his employees to go shut the damned door… after locking the door they start laughing again on fellow Americans misfortune.

2.    A huge storm passes, the dust settles and calmness prevails… Obama sprints through it; Americans sigh deeply for the stability…and thank him. As Obama exits the field Romney walks in, kicking (repealing) the dirt, the dust is all over again, and no one could see a thing with clarity.

3.    Romney is president, a gigantic Tsunami hits the eastern sea board…. destroying everything east of Mississippi… Romney contracts out to private companies (no bids, as advised by the Bush advisors in his admin) like Halliburton… to do the clean up. They start the work, but deem unprofitable to go get the children, women and seniors trapped under buildings. The public complains and Romney slams - its tax payer’s money and I cannot blow it on you guys, I don’t like dependents, go figure out yourselves and save yourselves…if you are not fit to live, then don’t.

4.    Netanyahu calls President Romney - look, I need you to pull the naval resources in the gulf of Oman, and we will use your ships as base to bomb Iran... Romney, says, I need you to use a specific product, I am invested in it… go get them tiger. American economy collapses, people lose jobs, and deficit hits ceilings... Romney justifies, we have to take care of our Allies… while the Jewish Americans and Israelis Citizens appear on the horizon and say this in chorus, “President Romney, did you ask us what we wanted?”

Then this song to be fine tuned, it is a draft.

Convention videos for audience
Chorus- different groups -Christie first,

OBAMA - I am going get Bin Laden without collateral damage or loss of American lives and decimate Al-Qaeda terrorists.

CHORUS - he means what he says

ROMNEY - it's not worth hunting down one individual and should not do it without seeking permission from government of Pakistan.

CHORUS - he means what he says

OBAMA - we have to take care of FEMA
CHORUS - he means what he says

ROMNEY- will cut off FEMA
CHORUS - he means what he says
BACKGROUND - Romney laughing, government is not in the business of taking care of the dependents and moochers, they need to take care of themselves

OBAMA- health care for every one
CHORUS - he means what he says

Romney - I will repeal health care
CHORUS - he means what he says
BACKGROUND - Romney laughing. Idiots, I just told that to calm my fellow conservative Republicans, you know we to tell, whatever it takes to get elected.

Obama - sanctions against Iran, dialogue is better than destruction
CHORUS - he means what he says

Romney- sanctions against Iran
CHORUS - he means what he says
BACKGROUND  - Romney laughing. Idiots I don't mean it, I was losing, so I am going to tell what you independents want to hear, so you can vote for me.

Obama- Every American has his or her right to pursue their happiness including gays and lesbians with the same sex marriages.
CHORUS - he means what he says

Romney - no
CHORUS - he means what he says,
Romney- I said that in privacy to appease my conservative support, in the public I will support you guys. My conservative supporters believe in me.

Obama- No one should dictate a woman what she can do in case of life threatening pregnancy, rape of incest.
CHORUS - he means what he says

Romney - I will turn over roe wade
CHORUS - he means what he says
Romney - laughing, the American public is idiotic, they don’t get that, I told this to the conservatives to keep their support intact, idiots like the red meat.

Obama - Gradually, job situations is improving with more people to work on infrastructure based on proven models during the depression and during Marshall plan… it will create jobs and boost the economy
CHORUS - he means what he says

Romney -12 million jobs
CHORUS - he means what he says
Romney- laughing -losers, lazy bums, let them go find it on their own, government is not in the business of hand outs, besides, no idiot from the media has every questioned me how did I come with 12 million, see how stupid they are, they believed me.

0bama - dream act
CHORUS - he means what he says

Romney - self deport
CHORUS - he means what he says...

Obama - firm, resolute, stable
Romney - wishy washy, chaotic, unsure
If you are still undecided, please take a look at a few pieces in support of Obama, I have written 60 pieces about him, and 40 about Romney. You know Romney was my choice, until he started flip flopping and I lost him. Not sure what he stands for.
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