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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Republican internal dialouge has begun

The dialogue has just begun between conservative and moderate Republicans, I intend to do my share of work in bringing moderation and inclusive pluralistic attitudes to GOP. 

Here is my first post elections write up in Dallas Morning News, published priort to counting.



At the bottom is my first graphic

Mike Ghouse

Dallas County Republican Party

  • Mike Ghouse Mike, we have to work on fixing our party for 2016
  • Mike Lee Our party is not broken. Does it have its flaws and problems? Of course, but so does the other party - and, frankly, so does any worldly institution.
  • Mike Ghouse Mike, our party is not broken, but good republicans don't speak up when extremists among us make dumb statements, it gives the impression that all of us are uncouth. We have to speak up boldly and not let mediocrity prevail. Thanks
  • Renee J Cameron It is not the Party. Something is wrong when a good man like Allen West is most likely going to be defeated, yet, Jessie Jackson Jr., in rehab, wins in a landslide.
  • Mike Ghouse There you go Renee, have you seen Allen from a common man's point of view? He is a divider and an extremist. I respectfully differ with you, but its men like him that bring shame to our party.
  • Mike Ghouse Unless we openly talk and not shy away, we wallow in mediocrity, thank God Americans gave respect to our party with nearly 50% vote instead of a massacre, after all that flip flopping Romney did.
  • Renee J Cameron Not to mention - How on earth could 50% of the voters re-elect a man who has done nothing but damage our country economically and drastically weakens our national security, over a man of such integrity and competence as Romney?! No wallowing here... Just pointing out we have a challenge ahead, but it starts with understanding the mind-set of the electorate, not blaming our candidates.
  • Susan Fountain allen west is an honorable man and a patriot.
    30 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • Renee J Cameron Wow. Mike... Calling Allen West an extremist. Not in my eyes. He is a hero, a uniter, and a wonderful role model.
  • Timothy Matheny Personally, I think the republican party is being subverted by people who want to continuously move to the center on every issue so that we soon look like the old democratic party.
  • Renee J Cameron Once again, Thank you, MIKE LEE, for stepping up to the plate and running for office. All the best to you!
  • Mike Lee Let me be clear - I DID NOT post what I posted for the purpose of my post being used to debate the merits of other Republicans.
  • Mike Lee Thank you, Renee!
  • Timothy Matheny And, I was remiss...thanks for running Mike!
  • Mike Ghouse Renee, we need not be blinded in how we see things, we need to hear a different point of view, so we don't live in darkness. Allen West is no uniter. He tells things that appease a few, he does not have a larger appeal. If it were not for party loyalty, most Republican would not support him... need to take a poll to find out. thanks
  • Renee J Cameron Once again, Thank you, MIKE LEE, for stepping up to the plate and running for office. All the best to you!

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