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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama can bring resolution to Israel Palestine conflict

Please note that this issue is mother of most of the conflicts in the world, and I am committed to finding solutions and have written over 50 pieces on the topic, and many have been published, that is a lot of time! The blog www.IsraelPalestineDialouge.com has got most of the stuff... there is very little in it that does not contribute towards finding solutions. Why am I passionate about this? Check out the series of three articles published at Huffington post or even the note "About" at this site, to understand my Passion. I want both these people to live without the fear of the other and it is doable.

Obama can bring resolution to Israel and Palestine Conflict

URL: http://israel-palestine-dialogue.blogspot.com/2012/11/obama-can-bring-resolution-to-israel.html

  1. The first step is to call in Fatah, Hamas* and Netanyahu to the Rose Garden with no conditions.
  2. Have each one place all his cards on the table, "What is that you want?"
  3. Obama** (and his team, I hope I am on that team) to offer a proposal based on Security for Israel and Justice to the Palestinians.
  4. Ask the parties to work towards that goal and come up with a viable proposal.
  5. Call in the Arab Nations and Jewry around the world to ponder over this.
  6. Develop a proposal with consensus, and offer to the publics in both nations, almost as referendum.
  7. Call in Arab Nations to recognize Israel, which means ending hostilities, let the publics in those nations be a part of the campaign, after all monarchs and dictators come and go, the deal should be between the peoples of Arab Nations and Israel - the heads are merely there to carry out the will of the people. No treaty should dependent on individuals.
  8. Iran's original beef was the Palestinian issue, if we move towards solutions, Iran will be easy to work with, they may feel that they issue is addressed.
  9. The mother of most problems in the world is this conflict. We blame religion, terrorism and other things in vain instead of focussing on the issue.
* The right wing Christians, Jews and Muslims will scream bloody murder, Obama needs to win them as well, indeed, that should be the first step, and they need to be our allies in bringing an end to this endless conflict. The other approaches have not worked before and we need them to give this approach a chance.
** Obama is the second President after Carter, who is genuine in finding a solution, unaffected by the pressures from the right. Obama has the (newly acquired) balls to tell the parties like it is. No one in the past had that, neither were they neutral. In the past the Arab Nations and we (Americans) have screwed the process by siding with each side and strengthening their stance, rather than getting them to sit and talk. We have that right, we have nothing to gain, but they do. Peace dividends are innumerable.
When God created Animals, he gave them horns and animal teeth to bloody each other to resolve conflicts. Did he do that with humans? No, instead he gave us a tongue to dialogue and find solutions. Do we need to use it? Heck yes!
MikeGhouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, peace making, foreign policy, Israel, Islam, interfaith, and cohesion at work place or social settings. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at www.TheGhousediary.com. Mike has a strong presence on national local TV, Radio and Print Media, and is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News, fortnightly at Huffington post, and several other periodicals across the world. His personal site www.MikeGhouse.net indexes everything you want to know about him.

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