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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Protect yourselves from Politics

Congratulations to those who have voted for Obama or Romney and urge you to go vote. Don't let your friend's support for the other candidate make you angry... Let our attitudes be, “I'm fine with your choice and I hope you are fine with my choice.”

I have no problem if you eat well-done steak, and hope you won’t mind my medium rare bleeding steak. I am happy that you drive your Mercedes to work and I hope you envy me taking the bus to work. This is an example of pluralism in politics, learning to respect the otherness of others without having to agree with or dislike the other.

If you feel angry towards others for their choices, then it’s likely that you do not respect your own choices to believe that other’s choice is as half-ass as yours. Let’s not get the politicians to place a wedge between us, once the elections are over, we will have to live with what the larger public chooses or gripe for another four years.

If you think my choice is wrong or if I assume your choice is wrong, then we need to persuade each other with information, and not push each other to believe and get frustrated when we don’t respond. I am a Republican, a moderate one, and I have chosen Obama for my own reasons that I have enunciated in Huffington post, Dallas Morning News, Sean Hannity and at my own blog www.TheGhousediary.com. It’s good to share, but not good to ridicule. After the elections, we still have to work together, dine together and see each other, let's not lose the joy of life over election.

We should not accept any one cursing President Obama or Candidate Romney, no one needs to get low to show their support for their candidate.

Mike Ghouse,
Coach Pluralism and co-existence.

My blog www.TheGhouseDiary.com and my site www.MikeGhouse.net



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