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Monday, October 1, 2012

Obama's one liners to Romeny

Here are a few lines I have come up for Obama.

Obama lines

"Governor, of course you were born here, what made you allude that I wasn't"

“Governor Romney thanks for your generosity for passing  the defective 47% of Americans, and the additional 10% for me, and keeping the 44% for yourselves. I have got news for you; I will be standing up for every one you have rejected after November 6”

“Here you go again Governor, your business experience is good, if you don’t see the profits this quarter, you will shut the business down, guess what?  I believe in long terms gains, to keep the million jobs and gave Detroit a chance to come back, because I care about Americans and I am human”

“So Governor, which one of you shall I respond to?”

"Governor, the Palestinians have the same aspirations as you and I do, to have a family and live without apprehension of fear, and in a country the can call their own,  don't you owe an apology to them?

Mike Ghouse is a moderate Republican sick of the Republican leadership that does not care about half of the population, and compelled to put America first, and party next and hopes more Republicans consider placing American first and elect the right  man to lead the nation; President Obama. 

To be updated through Wednesday.

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