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Monday, October 8, 2012

Subway ad calls Islamic jihadis ts 'savages'

Controversial subway ad calls Islamic jihadists 'savages'

Fox news had interviewed me on the topic, and I am glad they were able to show a few clips on Sunday. 


another one - http://www.hannity.com/videos/?uri=channels/457042/1701793
I have urged the organizers of the ad campaign not to place the subway ad and I pray for the safety of passengers in the New York Subway.

This was the gist of my interview;

First of all I strongly believe in the first amendment and freedom of speech, a foundation of civil societies. Indeed, I will defend every one’s right to free speech however ugly it may be. It is intended to offend the offendee, and we have a choice to not be offended.
I appeal to the common sense of the organizers to resist the temptation to display the ads. It will do more harm and would become a safety issue to the City of New York. Someone has to be made responsible for the hurts those ads may cause.

Should the city of New York be sued for any hurt that this ad may cause to her citizens? We need to look to it as shouting fire in crowded room. I pray for the safety of Passengers in the Subway. What those ruthless brutes did to our Ambassador in Libya does not justify this poster.

It is dangerous to fellow Americans, particularly Muslim women wearing scarf or Hijab, Catholic women coming from a Church, Sikh Women, Hindu women with part of the Saree covering their head, the Non-Muslim women from Africa donning their cultural headdress. 

It has happened before,  the nut case like the one who beat up the Jewish kids in subway three years ago for saying Happy Hanukkah, the nut case who went on a rampage at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin,  and he loony who opened the gun in Norway. If a nut case sees the Jihadi ad in the subway, and sees a woman next to it, be it a Muslim, Sikh, Catholic, Hindu or other, he is tempted to hurt that woman, the woman can scream that she is not a Muslim; do the nut know any difference? What if she is a Muslim? 

Pamela Geller and I have known each other since May of 2010 when she initiated the attack on Ground Zero Mosque, she and I have battled on that issue for a long time on Hannity.

This ad is supposed to support Israel; does Pamela Geller really support Israel?  She is for her own self; she is like the Bernie Madoff guy who was for himself. There is nothing wrong with it for acting in the self interest,  she has every right to do that. But maligning Israel and Judaism with her hate is perhaps not authorized by the Jewish Federation of New York, just as those bad guys in Libya were not authorized by Libyans.

I am waiting for the Jewish Federation to tell her that she is wrong, in fact the Rabbis had asked her once to back off from her attack on how animals were slaughtered per the Sharia, she called it cruelty to animals for the Halal slaughter. Being Jewish, she knew Kosher meat was processed exactly same way as Halal. She probably believed that Americans would never fact check and made her day.  I hope the New Yorkers don’t fall for this trap to hate Muslims in the innuendo ads.
Mike Ghouse

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