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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2nd Presidential debate between Obama and Romney


It was a good debate. Although Obama has an edge over Romney in connecting with people, it was Romney who was actually connecting. Romney addressed the questioners by their names, in fact, he clarified the name one questioner, did I get that right? That was touching; Obama did catch up as an afterthought.

Neither one of them addressed Jeremy’s parent’s concern, they did not even referred to them, I was hoping they would. I am sure there was a gaping gap left with Jeremy's parents..

Romney was looking at the people where as Obama was staring at the floor, as if there was a hurdle placed in front of him, it was irritating to me, and not sure if it was for others.

Though Romney was good, he came across as a criticizer than a problem solver, where as Obama missed a few good opportunities that could have sealed him a clear victory. Obama will regain at least two points lead over Romney following this debate.

Romney’s come back on 7/11 was good, but Obama put the lid right back on it.

Romney blew it on Benghazi  he could have pushed for lack of intelligence, instead he was caught with falsity, and from that moment on, it was a downward slope for Romney. It is not just that Romney has been shooting  whatever is convenient to him, does he not think that he is watched by the same people over and over again to see and hear the different versions? He needs to stick to one version for he 2016 run. 

On the other hand, Obama could have nailed him on the immature and dangerous statement Romney made about our Embassies.Romney was clearly wrong there...

On the last question - Romney was asserting, and reasserting that he cared about 100% of Americans, clearly he did not mean it, I wish someone analyzes it, and that’s where Obama could have blown Romney away.  All Obama had to say was this, “Governor, I am glad you said that you stand for 100% of Americans here in public, but that is not what you say in private, what else have you said?”

Obama has brought stability over the four years, and Romney’s presidency will knock over that if he is elected. .

Romney has not matured in his convictions; he is in the experimentation stage, trying to see which statement will work. He has two different views, a private view that he shares with the ones who give him money, and the public view that gives the appearance of inclusiveness. How deep is either view? God only knows. I don't know which Romney I will get at the end. Even the GOP is not sure.

Obama is a sure thing; he will keep everything intact; he will not turn things upside down. Unemployment is steadily going down; Women can continue to feel secure, he will not repeal the Equal Pay Act, not repel equal insurance premiums for men and women, and will not repeal Roe v. Wade, will not do a flip on "Don't ask, don't tell", and he will keep the veterans' benefits intact… and a whole lot more. 

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