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Friday, May 17, 2013

Republicans will fall flat on their faces

As an American, and as a Republican moderate, it is disgusting to see the way a “few” Republicans are behaving in a shameless manner. They got nothing better to offer to the nation, and they don’t have a single good presidential candidate for 2016 with the exception of Rand Paul, who will tear their bigotry at the cost of his chances.

And now they are putting all their eggs in Benghazi – they will fall flat on their effing faces, if you compare to over 30 Benghazi’s during Bush, when they did not squeak.

Their attitude is like the hyena’s, if I don’t get it, let me bite into them and do the damage.  It is their desperation that is causing them to lose their senses, and they have a lot more to lose with that behavior. More and more Republicans will see their ugliness and will dump them in 2014 if they don’t get their act together

Mike Ghouse
A moderate Republican

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