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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Composition of a given society.

There is a dire need for us to understand the social structures, how the societies put together, it will help us cut down the prejudices and stereotyping of the others.  Pluralism is respecting the otherness of others and accepting each other's God-given uniqueness.

This template is merely a guideline, and you can impose this on any religion, social group, racial group, ethnic group... and it seems to work.

Let me define one items at a time.

Moderates - Those who have the least problems with others, they mind their own business, and they are busy with living their life and letting others live theirs and they are the majority.

Kill or get Killed conservatives - These are the terrorists and conservatives. The strongly believe in exclusions, it is their way or no way, they may resort of violence like a lion or act like Hyenas.

More next week. 


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