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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today, I am proud of America more than 2008, thank your Mr. President for fulfilling the dream of our founding fathers

Today, I am proud of America more than I was in 2008; the Senate has confirmed the Gay, Black Judges to the Supreme Court.   Don’t you mis-read me, like some of you did when FLOTUS said she was never been proud of America before. We both mean we are proud of the additional significant milestone of the civilization led by America.  

Thank you Mr. President for fulfilling the dream of the founding fathers of this nation, that all Men are created equal.   All it took to bring about the change of accepting the LGBT community as a normal part of the society was your daring and bold utterance in September 2013 to support LGTB marriages. 

Everything gathered momentum from then on, and even the African Americans who had opposed such unions in California turned around, the Conservative Preachers did, and the Muslims joined in too and this Muslims was in the forefront of inclusion of every American.

And this day, much of the value placed in our constitution comes true - that all men are created equal. It will be complete when Hillary becomes the president and a Jewish Gay man  become the Vice President, a Muslim becomes the Secretary of State and a Hindu, Atheist, and Native American become Secretaries of defense,  Justice and Home Land security respectively.
Then the 2nd biggest dream of MLK, judge not by the color of skin gets enhanced with judge not by the faith, ethnicity or size of the community one represents, but by one's ability.  I am proud of America today even more than in 2008 and each successive day I see an inclusive America.

Mr. President, you made it. Thank you.

I particularly like this paragraph reported in Huffington Post, “The latest confirmations come as the Senate has been plowing through President Barack Obama's nominees, and they reflect the diversity that will remain on the federal judiciary long after he is gone.

A White House aide said Obama has appointed more female judges than any other president, breaking the record previously set by President Bill Clinton. He has also appointed more Hispanic judges than any other president, breaking the record previously held by President George W. Bush. Obama has also appointed more Asian-American judges than all presidents combined and has nominated 12 openly gay federal judges. Last month, the Senate confirmed the first-ever Native American female federal judge in the nation's history.”

THIS CELEBRATION IS NOT ABOUT INCLUSION OF RACE AND LGBT, but about our civilization reaching a new milestone, and achieving a new height where we do not discriminate any. Just a year ago this was not possible, thanks to Obama, he paved the way and today 98:0 Senate voted for it, both Republicans and Democrats. It is going beyond politics, and is about caring for America.

We should celebrate this indeed, we will reach the peak of our civilization when a woman becomes our president, a Jewish person becomes a VP, a Muslim becomes the Secy of State, a Native American becomes secy of Home land and a Hindu becomes secy of defense... That is when we become fully civilized nation and no more we will hear from our conservative brothers and sisters (yes) that "A woman will become president over my dead body."

Mike Ghouse committed to building a cohesive America, where every American feels included and no American fears the other.

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