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Friday, June 6, 2014

Shashi Tharoor and Mike Ghouse on Narendra Modi at Huffington Post

Is there an Indian who does not want to hear the following statements from his national leader?  “125 Crore (1.25 Billion) Indians are my family” – “Sab Ka Sath sab Ka Vikas: everyone together, prosperity for all” - “I will not fall into the trap of looking at Muslim or Christian colors, but see everyone as my fellow Indian” - “Whether you voted for me or not, I am your Prime Minister” – “No one needs to fear the other” – Let’s build toilets before we build temples” and many such positive upbeat statements from Mr. Narendra Modi.

When Tharoor and I heard the above statements in a variety of expressions, we understood its depth and praised it. Even if he did not mean it, let the man define himself and live up to it. He has a reputation for discipline and in less than ten days, he has straightened the Parliamentary offices – if they know Modi is making the rounds, they clean up the offices and get their acts together. After all, Modi has quoted Mahatma Gandhi “we are the trustees of people” and we have to live up to it.

The accusations leveled against me and Tharoor is that we have changed, we did not!
It is actually Modi ……….. Continued at Huffington Post - to be posted before Monday at

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"125 Crore [1.25 billion] Indians are my family."

"Sab Ka Sath sab Ka Vikas: Everyone together, prosperity for all."

"I will not fall into the trap of looking at Muslim or Christian colors, but see everyone as my fellow Indian."

"Whether you voted for me or not, I am your prime minister."

"No one needs to fear the other."

"Let's build toilets before we build temples."

Gandhi Quote

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