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Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's day gifts | Mothers are Fathers

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Gone are the times when gifts were a surprise, coming are times where you list your gift choices on Amazon or some such site - to make it easy for the loved one's to order it. Whatever happened to "I know my father" and "know what he would enjoy"? The surprise factor is still good! There was a time, when my son and I had exchanged the exact same gift which we both cherished.

Let me not forget and be insensitive to those who do not have a father, abusive father or ashamed to be associated with one. I admire you for being who you are without a father or a father figure. All of us would find our own balance in one way or the other, that is the law of life, and I admire you for being who you are - a good giver, even though you may not have been a recipient of such love.

God willing, I will write a small article on father's day to appreciate my father M. Abdul Rahman and my father figure Everett A Blauvelt, who have showered tremendous affection and caring. I hope you would reflect on such blessed figures in your life - a sense of gratitude seeps in when expressed, and brings serenity in life.

To rekindle that beautiful connection, of knowing what your father would like and want, my friend Dr. Amer Suleman floated a great idea. When his kids asked him what he wants for Father's day, he said to them, "the greatest gift would be to speak to me in my language - Urdu; at least three sentences." Now the kids can surprise their fathers in their own language… it takes effort and thought process to figure out the surprise.

This is also a great idea to keep our Children's earth green.


I admire all those mothers who have been a great father to their children, through a variety of life situations. My wife Yasmeen has been a good father besides a great mother to her daughter Maheen, and I know a whole lot of other mothers who have raised their children with a lot of caring and affection - they deserve a big appreciation on father's day

Share are your thoughts, together we can create a few good moments in our lives to cherish?

Share are your thoughts, together we can create a few good moments in our lives to cherish?

Mike Ghouse

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