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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012Muslims condemn the bigotry of Maulana Zahidur Rashidi against Ahmadiyya Muslims.

As Muslims we question the statement made by Maulana Zahidur Rashidi, it goes against the very grain of Islam; Peace. He offers two choices to fellow Pakistanis, “Be Killed or Repent and Accept Islam.”

Maulana needs to be taken into custody for inciting violence against a people for their belief. The Ahmadiyya Muslims are being terrorized in their own country.

Shame on our hypocrisy, we rightfully scream against Israel for the mistreatment of Palestinians, what is wrong with us not do the same against other human beings, whether they are Muslims or not? Why should anyone stand up for you, if you are not willing to stand up for others?

Killing one person is like killing the whole humanity, says the Quraan, do these men believe in it? Maulana needs to be charged for abusing Quraan, however due process must be followed, he is innocent until proven guilty, and if he is found guilty, he needs to be in the prison.

Islam is a religion of peace and not a religion of bullying, harassing and terrorizing others. It is men like him who bring disgrace to the religion of peace and we should not let him destroy the character of our religion.

There is a saying that evil exists not necessarily because of evil men, but because good men do nothing about it. Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, reiterated the least you can do, is to speak up, and I am doing my share of the work.

Mike Ghouse is a writer, thinker and a speaker on pluralism, politics, Islam, peace and building a cohesive America, links to details at www.MikeGhouse.net.

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