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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mike Ghouse talk carried on 970 WFLA Tampa Bay's

3 hours ago - Sean brought in Mike Ghouse of America Together Foundation and Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America to discuss the President's actions. “Here's the problem,” ... Sean Hannity Show

Listen to full radio show at: http://www.hannity.com/show/2012/02/27

The Rise of Islam

Sean spent much of yesterday ranting about President Obama’s last stop on the apology tour which found “The Great One” profusely apologizing for the news reports of protestors burning copies of the Koran. You can listen to much of that rant on 
Hannity.com. Sean brought in Mike Ghouse of America Together Foundation and Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America to discuss the President’s actions. “Here’s the problem,” began Sean, “We see what’s happening in Egypt and the attempt to implement  Shariah law and we see the rise of radical Islam unfolding before our eyes.” “I am fighting with Muslims around the world,” responded Ghouse, “There has, in the last ten years, been an increase of moderate Muslims like me to speak out.” “You are a small minority,” countered Brigitte, “When you look at the results, what we are seeing is the rise of radical Islam.” “Brigitte continued, “What the west is witnessing in Afghanistan is a wake up call for America to realize that we can pour all the billions of dollars into Islam trying to get mainstream Islam to like us only to learn that more Muslims are treating us as the infidels.” The security and stability of world peace lies in the balance of this continuing debate and it’s clear that President Obama should think carefully before making blanket apologies to the world.

Read more: http://www.970wfla.com/pages/sean-hannity.html?article=9833885#ixzz1npqtDU8J


23 hours ago - 6:05pm MST Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America and Mike Ghouse of the America Together Foundation are here to debate events unfolding in Afghanistan over ...

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