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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last Sunday, I  gave a talk about Islam followed by two hours of intense questions and answers about Quraan, Islam, Sharia and the Phobias at United Methodist Church in Dallas.

Monthly participation at Faith Club of Richardson discussing fate and free will.  

At the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Allen shared comments about loyalty and patriotism in an interfaith conference. I am waiting for notes from Hindu and Jewish speakers to write a summary of the productive event. The event prompted me to write a full blown article on the division among Muslims and how to heal it, God willing it will be published  in Washington Times or Huffington post.

The National Prayer day at the Plano City council chambers  was a delight, it was good see Jan organizing it. She said she was inspired by the work shoos I conducted on Pluralism which had helped her shape organizing the National prayer event with different religions.

The Metrocrest Interfaith group met at the Metrocrest human services for lunch, they are amazing in the kind of services they are providing the the citizens of Carrollton, Coppell and Farmers Branch.

It was a joy to be part of the Native American Elders get together, Ponca, Apache, Cherokee, Kiowa and other nations participated in the event. It was bliss... I hope to write a note and post the pictures.

Rev. Petra Weldes, Rev. Eric Folkerth and I were on the Radio to talk about the moral, legal and ethical dilemma with the end of Bin Laden.

Sean Hannity’s nationally syndicated Radio  show place me and  Andrew McCarthy to debate about AlQaeda,  it was a good productive talk on the show.
Campaigned for my candidates in Carrollton Matthew Marchant, Bonnie Kaplan and Bob Garza, even last night I got commitment from 25 people to go vote today.

Contemporary Chorale held their annual musical afternoon at Eisemann Center in Richardson, attended to honor my friend Tricia Harris, what a fabulous program and I hope to have their group sing the harmony song at Unity Day.

Music and Harmony presentation by Toltec Philosophy at the Unity Church that my friend Coke Buchanan had arranged was out of the world. The music transported me into a different world… they just played about five instruments, drum, piano, saxophone, flute and the native horn… I like the fast beat at the end. Literally every one had gone into a different world.

I hope to catch up with a lot of work on Sunday.

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