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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Invocation at Carrollton City Council

Pluralism Prayers
Carrollton City Council, January 11, 2011-01-11

Dear God please accept our prayers in every name we call you; father god, Ahura Mazda, Allah Jehovah, Ishwar, Wahe Guru, Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus Christ and every name we call you with reverence.

Creator of the universe, guide us to do the right thing in every moment of our life

Causer of our existence, guide us to open our hearts and minds towards fellow beings

Dear God, guide us to shed the arrogance,
Dear God, guide us to achieve humility in our lives
Dear God, guide us to respect all your creation
Dear God, guide us to learn to respect every which way one worships you

Dear God, guide us to become goodwill nurturers
Dear God, guide us overcome our prejudices
Dear God, guide us to honor your will
Dear God, guide us to speak up when there is injustice
Dear God, guide to treat others as we want to be treated

Dear Lord, we thank you for the blessings you have showered on America, Texas and our City Carrollton. Bless our men and women in Blue and our soldiers defending our freedom. In your name we begin our council meeting and seek your blessings and guidance to do the right thing – Amen

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