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Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt: Making a Lemonade out of Lemon

Just finished the Radio show, it was a 15 minute segement with Hannity and Shoebet. You can find your radio station at  http://www.hannity.com/stations

For a change Hannity, Shoebet and I were on the same page with a few differences.

 I believe the US has taken the right approach in not alienating the Egyptian people while cautioning Mubarak to back off from violence and crushing the uprising.

The fear of the Brotherhood taking the situation in their stride is legitimate and it is critical that we (US) play it right. We need to take the initiative to allay the fears of people and remove the anti-US sentiment, and it will give us the room to shape democracy there. A democracy that is sustainable and good for the people of Egypt, Israel, US and others.
Obama understands that equity is sustainable than inequities we have been wrong many times, and I hope this time we will get it right and I trust Obama will do the right thing.

Israel has to play it right as well. The peace deal was with the people of Egypt and people of Israel and not with their governments – and Israel needs to make sure that it is with the people and not Mubarak. Mubarak will wither away and anything we (U.S.) can do to show support for the aspiration of people will do two things: firm up the people to people peace agreement and prevent the opportunity for brotherhood to take advantage of this.

CIA has goofed up on Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and else where. Why could they not foresee the uprising? We blew it with Iran by sticking with the Shah and I am Glad Clinton and Obama are clear on being with the people.

We really can make lemonade out of lemon in this situation.

I will upload the link to the radio show later on this week

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  2. It is a typical right wing response from right wing Muslims, Hindus, Jews or Christians. First of all, you neeed to write your name if you believe that you are making a point.

    Hell now, I don't give a crap what any one thiks, Sean does not like Obama and Obama is doing the right thing for a change.