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Saturday, March 8, 2014

International women's day - a message to men

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Men who treat women as unequal are indeed immature and insecure; they did not learn how to be a strong man who feels equal with women in particular and other members of the humanity in general. Men who treat women as equals are secure and mature. A majority of men are however good secure men.

Men have a misplaced competitive instinct, they want to win, and those who cannot compete with other men, will take advantage of women and children who are dependent. Some idiots do not consider their wife, daughter, mother, sister or other women to be fellow members in the journey of life, but rather as their competitors. To feel that fake security within, they preempt to put women down in a variety of ways.

A man whose attitude is “what does she know?” A man who shouts down at a woman is afraid of losing to the woman in an argument, a man who ignores when a woman talks is equally insecure. Their security comes from making others insecure and not from within.

These men need to grow up for their own good, to enhance the joy of living their lives to the fullest. I challenge these men today to feel, act and talk equal with women, and see the genuine sense of security that comes with a sense belonging they gain – it is priceless and worth the effort.

It is a day to celebrate freedom of women from men’s slavery; women have come a long way on the road to freedom and if each one of us men can grow up and are secure, and respect the women as equals in every aspect of life, then the world would be a better place.

One of the legendary poet philosophers of India, Dr. Allama Iqbal said thus;

Wujood-e-Zan Se Hai Tasveer-e-Kainat Mein Rang
Issi Ke Saaz Se Hai Zindagi Ka Souz-e-Darun

The world is beautiful because of the existence of woman;
she is the lyre that can impart pathos and warmth to human heart.

Max Babi on face book wrote,

If woman didn't exist, poetry wouldn't either
etiquette culture literature practicalities neither
a woman turns a mere man into a human being
(Would be) no oratory and no accountability, either.
- Max Babi

Na hoti agar aurat to shayari bhi na hoti
tameez-o-tehzeeb adab duniadari bhi na hoti
mehez mard-ko insaa.n banaati hai aurat
sher-o-sukhan balki zimmewaari bhi na hoti.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah beat me to the following write up, a great write up which I was going to write almost identical to it, since he wrote before I did, I am sharing his thoughts for the day. “A day to pay tribute to all those women who have gone through injustices and exploitations in the name of culture, religion, God, traditions, custom, family honor, male honor and you name it. I wish we men take a vow on this day that we will never resort to domestic violence, verbal or physical, that we would show respect to every woman, that we would not view women as a sex object, that we would treat our wives equally, that we would not discriminate against our daughters, that we would stand for the dignity of every woman, including those who we think do meet our moral standards, that we would not regard non-Hijab wearing woman as deviants, that we would not be arrogant to judge women based on their dress or looks that we above all give them equal and better space in our masajid.”

What can Men do today?

Resist every thought and act that comes instinctively to you to consider woman’s opinion any less, or what does she know, instead listen to her thoughtfully, you will be surprised that she is a lot more stable, secure and giving than you can every imagine… you just have to be a listener, challenge your capabilities of listening.

If we can grow up and respect women, particularly the ones we know as equals in every aspect of life, which means respectfully listening, then the world would be a better and secure place for each one of us men.

Speaker Mike Ghouse

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