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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak refuses to resign

MUBARAK HANGS ON: Random notes written during twitting.
Mr. Mubarak, it makes sense for you to resign and earn the support and good will of the people, if you don’t, you will be running for your life and looking for asylum as Shah of Iran, Zeinal Abidin, Idi Amin and a host of fascist men have done.  
No doubt you have done a lot of good in the mix of good bad and ugly things of running the government, but if you want your legacy to continue, damn it, resign.
The Egyptian people will love you for that, if not, you will go down in the history as a tyrant. You will not take all your power and opulence into that hole, but if you do the right thing, you will have a state funeral and thousands of them will attend including the state heads from around the world.
This is the first time in the Middle East History that Muslims have chosen Non-violence as their weapon to bring self governance. It must be encouraged as it will bring about a world of changes in the future.

I am proud of the Egyptian people to have taken this approach and hope this will infect the Arab world, and I pray that the Palestinians go the non-violent protest and Israeli people join them.

Who was he referring to about Foreign Powers?
He said he will follow the will of the people, which people?

Has our intelligence been ever right?
Has any information by CIA been reliable?

Israel needs to remember that the deal is between the people of Egypt and the people of Israel and not between Mubarak and Netanyahu, the will come and go but the good will is sustainable.
The right wingers among Jewish people have been pouncing on the Israelis who speak sense. They gang up and reduce their wisdom and label them as self-hating Jew. The right winger among Muslims mirrors the other right wingers. 
I do support Judaism, Jews and Israel, but not their brutal inhuman practices. I holy hope that the right wingers on all sides come together and start talking peace, looking at each others’ children and ask themselves, am I a rotten pig to destroy the hope of that child?

Unless there is justice for the Palestinians, the Israeli society will live with a messed up conscience, and it works in funny and aggressive way and compromises the long term security.

Just watched live Al-Jazeerah http://english.aljazeera.net/watch_now/

My twitters :

@monaeltahawy - I just spoke with Aishah in
Tahrir Square
5 minutes ago Favorite Reply Delete »

@AriFleischer - Ari, has CIA every produced right information from Iran in 1979 to Egypt inow?

@ @maddow -Rachel, just spoke to Aishah at Tahrir , people dont trust him - http://theghousediary.blogspot.com/2011/02/israeli-blunders.html

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@NickKristof - That's exactly he meant by foriegn pressurues

MUBARAK - People don't trust him, he needs to go with dignity, if he has any sense at all.


 @mtawfeeqCNN it finished 16 seconds after your call

MUBARAK - We will sustain the will of the people - buddy, who is the people? and Whose will?

WATCHING MUBARAK - What does he mean by we will not yeild to foriegn pressures? Who does he mean?

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AL JAZEERAH LIVE http://english.aljazeera.net/watch_now/

@seanhannity - sean I am keeping with two people in Egypt as well.

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