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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dallas Snowed-in, play time


Have you played the little paper ships? In my child hood there was a canal in my uncle's town near Bangalore, my sister, my cousin and I placed the paper ships on it and watched them float... we even placed the soda bottle caps on the water and watch them float.. and my cousin Shafi would throw a rock to sink the cap... and we argued...it was fun! I have added song at the end of the note, enjoy that one too.
Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeghouse/sets/72157625851451609/show/


It snowed on Monday and today is Friday, it's been like this for the whole week, all offices are closed down... looks like a few of us are working. 1984, 1989, 2004 have witnessed weeklong snow in Dallas..

I don't recall the dates.. but remember playing with my son Jeff when he was five years old... put him in a card board box and pulled him all over the front yard at Clearfield house. he was scremaing with joy! , driving to the hospital when is mother was pregnant... when roads were all covered.. that was 11/26/84! I remember, Mina, my daughter and I making the snow man at Duke house some where around 1994 or 95 I had to dig up all the pictures and put them together to watch some day...

...Yesterday, I was on phone with Yasmeen while parked, as usuallly it happens
In the rear view mirror I saw a paper ship floating on the sheet of ice in the parking lot... it was incredible movement, it appeared so real in the mirror...I was simply watching it... then got out of the car to video tape, some one drove right on it.

It was so tempting to go make paper ship and place it on the ice sheet and watc it float with small wind, or even blowing air from the mouth...

Have you played the little paper ships, in my child hood there was a canal in my uncle's town Peresandra near Bangalore, my sister, my cousin and I placed the ships on it and watched them float... it was fun

There is a Ghazal (song) in Urdu/Hindi..-
O kagaz ki kashti, baarish ka paani, enjoy it if you know urdu/hindi...
The poet is sayiing; take away my wealth, take away my fame, but give me back my child hood, the memories of running in the rain, playing ships, liseting to grand ma...


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