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Friday, February 18, 2011

CELL PHONES; save the names thoughtfully

If you are in an accident and the police, a friendly person or a nurse wants to notify your relative, how do they know who to call? Saving the names in a particular way on your cell phone is critical. Here are some examples of how my own family members have saved and what you can do about it.
I just finished talking with Yasmeen’s brother on her phone, and upon ending the call, I noticed the name was saved as “bhaijan” meaning dear brother.  When I was in India last November, Tamanna my niece had saved the name of her dear uncle, my younger brother as “pyare mam” and I was “Chan Mam.” It is a tradition where the younger ones never call the older ones with their names. Many a kids don’t even know the “names” of their grandparents.
Let me share what I have been doing, and you may have your own system. I thought everyone has a system and found out that they don’t.
I have listed Yasmeen’s name (my wife carries a different last name than mine)  is saved three ways: Emergency contact #1, wife and by her name. My Son Jeff is listed as emergency contact2, Son, Attorney and Jeff and I have not listed my daughter Mina as emergency contact as she does not pick up the phone. My third emergency contact is my friend Adil with a note that he does not answer the phone on the weekends. You can add your attorney, doctor and others by trade.
My family members in India are listed as Sister, India, Family and her name Dilshad and brothers go with their relations.
Should something happen to me on the road, in the mall or the office, anyone can look up my emergency contact, wife, son, daughter, brother, or any one, it would be easy for them. I used to place a (.) dot before the name, as it scrolls the name to the top of the list. Now Iphone and some other phones have a favorite list that makes it easy as well.
Is there a book written about it? If not, let this note lead into it.

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