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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Headstone


I have asked my kids Jeff and Mina to have these words inscribed on my headstone "Zero Prejudice; a life lived with prejudice towards none". I am still alive, but I just wanted to share the joy of life when you are free from bias. Try it, you will fall in love with the freedom from ethnic, racist, religious, orientation or any other bias, it is serene and is true happiness.


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  1. I'm still biased against people who are biased. Does that count? - Victoria

    Victoria, our bias takes away our freedom to be anywhere without apprehension, tension, ..... or fear.

    Genuinely accept the bigot as such, the acceptance is a good step towards forgivness and release from your own bondage of bias. If you can, only if you can, help the person through it, if not live your life. You are not doing a favor to the ... Read Moreother, it is a pure act of selfishness to be free.

    That wisdom was taught by the great spiritual masters like Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Muhammad, Nanak, Bahaullah, Confucius, Tao and several Native american masters.