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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finding the truth


Finding the truth is one’s own responsibility. Hate, malice, ill-will, prejudice and anger based on wrong information about others can bind you for days, months or eternity. Only you have the responsibility to free yourselves from this and no one else.

In your solitude or in your moments of reflections it is you who has to deal with your emotions resulting from your actions and consequences and not your Pastor, Rabbi, Imam, Pundit or your clergy.

The question one has to ask oneself is: Hate, malice, ill-will, and prejudice will be constantly bugging me, and most certainly all of it will disappear when I die, or when the person I hate or have malice towards dies... If it is going to go away some day, why not remove it now, and enjoy the rest of the life?

Finding and accepting the truth releases you from anguish, pain, apprehension and anxiety. Try it, you’d love it.


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