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Monday, April 27, 2009

$600 New Car

The new car to hit the road in 2010
Price $600
Capacity -2
Speed 100-120 KM/H
258 Miles a Gallon

This is not a toy, and not a concept car.. It is a newly developed 2-seater car in highly aerodynamic tear-shape road-proven real car. It is ready to be launched as a single-seater for sale in Shanghai in 2010 for a mere RMB 4,000 !

Interested? Wait till you learn that it will cruise at 100-120 Km/Hr with an unbelievable 0.99litre/100Km (258 miles/gallon)!

Impressed? Totally, after you have read all the details below about the hi-tech and space-age material input into this car! Truly the most Economic Car in the world .

This car will be on sale next year

Better than Electric Car - 258 miles/gallon: IPO 2010 in Shanghai

This is a single-seated car.
From conception to production: 3 years. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Will sell for 4000 yuan, equivalent to US $600.

Gas tank capacity = 1.7 gallons
Speed = 62 - 74.6 Miles/hour
Fuel efficiency = 258 miles/gallon
Travel distance with a full tank = 404 miles (San Francisco to Los Angeles )

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