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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get that SOB Al-Baghdadi now - Mike Ghouse on Sean Hannity Radio show on aug 21, 2014

GET THAT SOB AL-BAGHDADI NOW - An appeal to Obama and Hannity

Our attitude towards Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and his thugs should be, "You SOB, you are the murderer and not your religion, don’t give me the crap about your religion, your religion does not teach you to kill a single soul, don’t you slap your evilness onto your religion, we are not dumb to buy it. You are going to pay a price for it, either back off and repent, surrender or face the drones".

Mr. Al-Baghdadi, don’t give me the bullshit to believe that your acts are Islamic. No one believes you except your thugs. We cannot let you make Islam look bad with a rogue like you, you acts are not Muslim, period. You are a criminal and we will figure out a way to punish you. “

Dear President please surround Al-Baghdadi Gang, cut off supplies, spray the sleeping gas to knock them out of conscious for a few hours and capture them all and bring them to Guantanamo Bay for a trial, it is probably efficient and in the process we will save the innocent civilians.

I urge Sean Hannity, my friend and the entire Fox team and other media to call the terrorists anything under the sun but Islamic State, Caliphate, or ISIS. There is no need to give a semblance of legitimacy to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and his gang. Please do not buy their illegitimate claim to be called an Islamic State, call them Terrorist State.

If there were a certificate given to an organization to operate as an Islamic entity, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and his gang's application will be rejected for the gross violations of Islam, a few are addressed here at

My opponent  Claire Lopez was as bad as Robert Spencer;

I gave the right version of Prophet marrying 13 year old and not 6 as the propaganda does.

Prophet did not kill the 700 Jews in the battle of the Trench as the propaganda goes, the tribe betrayed the treaty, and were asked how should they be treated, and were asked to nominate a person to decide, they chose a scholar of their time and he chose to follow the Torah, and condemned them to death for treason.

We ran over several verses - I asserted Quranic formula; when some one forcibly enters  in your house, stop them, if they are still agressive, tell them to back off, if they don't, then go  find them whereever they are in your yard and kill them - that is the American Law, however, if they repent and back off, do not Kill them, be merciful. 

Glad to repeat this twice - that plucking a verse will give a wrong meaning as in the case above, but when you read three verse before and after, then it gives the right meaning.

Huffington post - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse/muslims-to-dedicate-frida_b_5679118.html

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