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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Civility of individuals and nations


Civility of an individual or a nation is an outcome of how it treats it’s weak, women, children, seniors, the minorities and the governed. Is there a nation on the earth, where the majority or the rulers have not oppressed and harassed the minorities, and consistently attempt to keep them in their place? 

No faith majority, racial or other majorities can claim a clean record. It's human and is called evil majoritarian attitudes, religions emerged, all religions emerged to mitigate those attitudes and build cohesive societies.... Most people get it, some don't.

There are exceptions no doubt, where certain minorities within the group of minorities pander to the majority (the powerful, and the rulers), and that is part of the self-balancing acts of preservation of one’s identity. These acts are detrimental to long term cohesiveness and peace of the society.

The civility of a nation is determined by how it treats its weak and its minorities and the weak.

The silence of majority contributes greatly to such evil, unless they speak up, bad guys will continue to be evil. I am glad to see the ‘majority’ speaking up against the treatment of minorities in Ferguson that is the only hope we have, that majority will stand up against injustice, if not it will create more chaos and all of us will suffer.

Genuine love is an antidote to bias, and genuine love of God removes the evil of bias from one’s heart. If Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and other religions do not remove the bias from you…. It’s not their problem, it is yours.

Mike Ghouse

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