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Monday, May 26, 2014

Notes from watching Swearing in ceremony of PM Modi and his cabinet

Notes made while watching the Swearing in Ceremony of the PM and new Cabinet, it was a 90 minute event. This is raw, no grammar or spell check done.
·         Awesome event
·         Congratulations to Prime Minister Modi and his Cabinet
·         I don’t know about you guys- the Indian National Anthem has always made me feel tender and emotional, and frequently, I hear this version while working late or when I want to get a break. 
·         No Jai Hind after the national Anthem, even though I did not like Indira Gandhi for her emergency rule – but her voice Jai Hind have been engraved on my mind, I hear her every time, and usually, I am the one in gathering to say it out loud – Jai Hind.
·         It was good to see all people stand up for the National Anthem, of course, as Americans we have opened up, but apparently the TV people made a point about Nawaz Shariff standing up for the national Anthem.   
·          There is a false assumption that one should not stand up for other nations National Anthems, the problem is not with nations and the people – it’s the governmental policies. 
·         This the only glorious moment of the President of India
·         Modi’s swearing in started the roll – I was really hoping that Modi will take the oath, and then all of the ministers, together would take the oath collectively. It was too long to hear the exact same words except their names.
·         It would have been nice for the President and Prime Minister to speak 
·         Swearing in was in Hindi and English – Venkaiah Nadu from Andhra did it in English, followed by a few more including Najma Heptulla….. Ofcourse, they could have done in of the 28 languages
·         Uma Bharati walked out without bowing to the President
·         Good to see many women in the cabinet
·         Men shook hands with the president, women did not. 
·         Modi and someone leaned as if touching the feet
·         Most of them were around 62 – wonder what the median age was
·         Najma Heptulla is the oldest of all 74, born before independence 
·         Smriti Irani is the youngest of all - 38
·         Oddly, women’s age except Najma was not displayed
·         No western clothes were worn – except the shirt and pants by Mr. Gowda
·         As a pluralist I did not like the phrase “Sabhi prakar ke log” – translates to all kinds of people, it should have been “every Indian” and not all kinds of people. 
·         When Sushma Swaraj came – Barkha started talking in her boisterous voice- I have always liked her, but today I shouted her “Shut up Barkha” I want to hear them.  They did not have the sense to shut up. 
·         Disappointments
o   Too many Ministers, I was hoping Modi would cut the bureaucracy down
o   Nirmal Sitaraman should have been given the post of Public relations – she did very well in defending and speaking in behalf of BJP and Modi all these months.
o   Najma Heptulla should not have been given the minority affairs position, it should have been some oneelse who is aggressive and active in the market.
o   Too long – and a punishment of the guests to sit quietly… although many of them were “desis’ and talking with each other. 
·         Positive things
o   Great moment, great ceremony
o   Modi’s vision to be inclusive by inviting SAARC Nations, this is good step forward
o   Someone floated the idea of NAFTA – for Modi to do SAARC deal
o   It was good to see Rahul and Sonia in the audience – In a democracy; we have to learn to accept defeat gracefully.
o   None of the guests seem to have cell phones, and no one was checking messages, it must have been a punishment to Salman Khan, he was restless.
o   Glad they kept the age to be below 75 for Ministerial berths

These are the raw notes with no spell or grammar check

Mike Ghouse

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