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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Republicans and Mike Ghouse

Republican Congressmen; Kenny Marchant, Mike Conway, Pete Sessions,  Sam Johnson, Ted Poe, Ralph Hall and Citizen Mike Ghouse

Photo: Republican Congressmen; Kenny Marchant, Mike Conway, Pete Sessions, Sam Johnson, Ted Poe, Ralph Hall and Citizen Mike Ghouse to talk about Unity day USA. Please hold your judgment, I will be meeting with Democrats also, it is an All American effort.

I am sure you have met many like me; an American first and America first.  Though, I am a Republican and a moderate one, my first loyalty is to America, far above my loyalty to my party.  Neither Republican nor Democratic party is bad for America, it is the individuals, yes the individual drivers that cause the party to get, good, bad or an ugly label.

I will urge you to refrain blaming the party, race, sexual orientation, religion, community, city - blame and hold the individuals responsible for starting trouble anywhere, and praise the ones who initiate good things.

More and more Americans are realizing that this is the right thing to do  I am a  free and independent to the core, and I listen patiently to Rush Limbaugh, speak on Hannity, and temperately listen to Rachel Maddow, but will question them all and seek the truth, that is my responsibility as an individual. I urge you to do the same. Let these rascals not divide us but educate us with different points of view.

Now, I request you to help me, would you invite, in my behalf, as my friend, your civic, community, religious and political leaders to the event? The details are at www. UnityDayUSA.com

Thank you.

MikeGhouse is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. He is a professional speaker, thinker and a writer on pluralism, politics, civic affairs, Islam, India, Israel, peace and justice. Mike is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity show on Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News and regularly at Huffington post, and several other periodicals across the world. The blog www.TheGhousediary.com is updated daily. 

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