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Friday, June 15, 2012

No boundaries for me, what about you?



I am free from religious, nationalistic, cultural and religious boundaries. I do not have the barriers between me and another human being. I am asked daily whether I am a Christian, Hindu or a Muslim... as I talk and write about all religions in equal tone. I am all, and I am none.

I am as comfortable with a Christian as with a Hindu, Jew, Pagan, Atheist or a Muslim, nothing eggs me against another human being. I do not look down or look up at their ways of doing things. I take every one as they are; another individual like me.

Each one of us comes with an identifier or an ethnic/racial marker; Indian in my case. There are 1.3 Billion of us with that marking on this planet, this clearly identifies my geographical area. Of course, the Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Sri Lankans and Pakistanis are all in the same ethnic group and the Indian Diaspora is in the same group as well. 

Some day, I hope, we become civilized enough to drop all identifiers except the natural one. Thank God, America leads the pack in civility - our passports do not identify anything but our natural markings. No religion, no denomination, no political orientation, no social grouping and no economic status or even the the damned profession. 

For my daily food, I choose what my taste bud finds happiness in, but that does not mean any food is inferior or superior to the other...If one enjoys the mothers food and says it it is the best... he or she is saying my mom's food has conditioned my taste buds, and it is home to my mom's food, that is the taste my buds find in tune with. Never does it mean that, it is the best nutritionally, aesthetically, looks wise or other quantitative measurements. It is an emotional bonding. It does not negate other foods. I have enjoyed every food out there and continue to cherish new tastes. Every day is a beautiful new addition. 

I drink both coffee and tea, neither is superior to the other, but both satisfy my taste buds.

I love blue, beige and white shirts, dark pants, deep colored ties that don't look busy, just as you have your own comfort zone. It does not mean green or black shirt is anything less, it simply means I enjoy a few.

I chose Islam about a dozen years ago and that does not mean Islam is superior to any religion... I enjoy the beauty of each religion and love the way people express their gratitude to the creator.  

I love my language Urdu dearly, not because it is better, but because I am accustomed to enjoying it as others enjoy their language. 

I am happily married to Yasmeen and I pray every one finds his or her joy in their partner.

Nothing in the world, especially religion, nationality, ethnicity or race is superior or inferior to the others. They are simply choices we choose or get chosen. They are unique and work for every believer, observer, consumer or follower... 

All of us have issues, the problems is not with the issues. Our peace and tranquility is determined by how we deal witht the issues.  Some may not agree, but at least in our country America, everyone has a choice to be happy or not happy, mind you, it is not the money, it is the attitude that produced your joy. Every one of us have to find our own balance in life, some of us lose it sometimes, but gain it back other times.

As long as you can be peaceful, guilt free, carry no grudges, ill-will and believe in freedom of others as much as yours... you are blessed, and thank God I am blessed too. And I am blessed to find in tune with myself with so many of great friends in life, home and facebook. Those with whom I disagree, I do it respectfully. My opinion is no superior to theirs, it is just different.

Thanks, may God bless you to be at peace despite what goes around you. Amen!

My best wishes to you.
Mike Ghouse

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