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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve, you have made a huge difference in the world of communications and information sharing, and I am one of the beneficiaries of your inventions. Your invention has been a great part of my life and work.  Today, I salute you and pray for your soul to rest in peace. Amen

I started out with Apple II, Apple II+, Lisa and Mac from 1984 and stayed through 2000, then I switched to PC, although I have been using IBM’s 8086 since the first PC was launched in 1982, but was always an Apple user. It was a delight when Mac worked both its own software and PC software on its platform.  I have saved IBM’s first green monitor PC, and Apple’s Lisa and Mac. And now I have an i-pad and i-phone and I love it. 

I published Asian News Magazine on Mac from 1993-2000 and I have created innumerable graphics on it. Indeed, one of my books is still sitting on my Mac – don’t know if I can ever retrieve it – it was a book called the One Minute Accountant that I never got to publish.  If I do publish, it will be dedicated to you work.

I was hoping you would invent all the office one wants in half size of  i-pad2 that is pocket-able. May your soul rest in peace,  Amen.

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