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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


These three mass movements have gained significant momentum to bring about a change in the governance. Arab Spring continues for government of people by the people in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia and Bahrain, while Anna Hazare movement is tearing the corrupt leaders out in India, it is one of the biggest movements in India since Gandhi’s movement for political freedom.

Now you are witnessing an uprising against corporations in the United States. Israel is next where the common Jews and Palestinians would want to rid of the hawks standing in the way of denying security to Jews and Justice to Palestinians; Iran will be reaching a boiling point soon and Pakistan has reached point of turning the ignition.

Democratic form of governance is by far the best, despite the problems we are running into now. Even though India, United States and Israel have democracy, it is governance of people, by corporations and war mongers for their pockets. It needs to change and it will.

We need to get rid of Eric Cantor and their likes and the bullies who simply do not understand economics, unless we pump the money into economy, the economy will go into down spiral. He needs to present the Job bill to the house or will be kicked out of his seat shamelessly.  It is time we have the government for the people by the people.

Eric and the tea party gang will be the downfall of GOP, half of them Republican don’t know what that stands for any way.  It is time for the ordinary, but good Republicans to rise and talk sense to the deaf Tea Partiers.

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