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Friday, May 23, 2014

Pakistan, China and Japan to receive high priority under Narendra Modi's foreign policy

Modi has the passion to leave his legacy, he wants to put his stamp on India. There is something about him that makes him uncommon. This may be an euphoric call for him to follow the Raj dharma - good governance.  As I have said in an earlier note, he was waiting for this opportunity to re-set the course for RSS and BJP away from fascist leanings to pluralistic pathways. He has the mandate and he will do it right. 

The other day, after he received his letter from the President to form the government, in a speech at the Parliament with BJP members, he said “he sets the record ever time, he had not seen Vidhana Sabha of Gujarat until he was elected as CM, and now he steps in to the parliament for the first time ‘after’ elected as the PM. I went deep into that statement, reading into his passion to do unusual things. 

Until after the campaign rhetoric was over, I really did not think he would make a good Prime Minister, but in the last week or so, I have come to believe that no one in India needs to fear the other (part of my definition of cohesive societies ) and Modi has articulated that verbatim.

He will turn things around in foreign policy - he will find a place for India in the UN Security Council, the first step is to have the ability to have good relations with the neighbors to pave the way for that role, and he is going to do that. He will breakthrough and establish newer relationships with our neighbors and China.

Again, I am walking a thin rope with a faith, a new found nascent faith in Modi. I connect with his words, his words are my words. I am really short on time, but before Monday, I may write at least few notes and pass it on to my friends, as I may not get the time to get it published in a paper, but it will be on my blog.  I think 50% of my write up would be reflected in Modi's speech on Monday after his oath of office
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Pakistan, China and Japan to receive high priority under Narendra Modi's foreign policy 

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