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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's day

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Mother is the ultimate definition of selflessness! No matter what happens to the world or even her, she is there for you in your need; she recognizes your need much before you know it.  Of course, every day is Mother’s day, and each one of us honors her in a variety of ways. From simple caring to doing things for her that makes her most happy. Mothers don't need a whole lot, they just need attention. Remember you were showered by her attention when you needed it? 

America is an amazing land, I love our culture and the way we do things. Even though, every day is a Mothers day for some, this particular day, the 2nd Sunday of May is dedicated to her. She becomes the center of attention, and she is indeed the queen Mother.

Its time to express gratitude to her, it restores the spiritual balance in each one of us.  Life is about transactions, each time we received a "good" we become indebted to the giver, but when we give back to the giver or find alternate ways of giving back, then we regain our spiritual balance, bringing us nirvana, salvation, mukti and freedom.

I also appeal to each divorced father with kids to muster up the courage to tell his ex-wife that you appreciate her for raising your kids responsibly well. You have to learn to give credit where it belongs, she may appreciate it, but certainly your kids will reluctantly appreciate it.

A majority of us are fortunate to have the love and affection of the mother to bless our lives. However, there are some mothers who have not been good to their kids and I feel your anguish if you are the one,  but assure you that, you are a blessed one to have made it in life without mothers love. 

This is one way of honoring her – that is spending time to think, and appreciate her. Those who have lost their mother, take the time to reflect upon all the little things she did for you, and possible write something about her, so your kids can appreciate you.

Let me share how I have learned to express my gratitude to my mother, may be it will kick in some of your own memories. 

My father passed away in 1977 and I was the sole income earner for the family for many years after that. However, on my visits to her, she demanded private time with me apart from the other siblings, and for whatever stupid reason, I resisted it and did not do it. One day, a great man told me "all mothers want is attention and nothing more." Then, when I went to see her, I decided to sit next to her for at least two hours, not argue and not disagree, but just shut up and listen to her.  OMG, she would beam endlessly and I loved it, and kicked myself for not doing it earlier, all she wanted was to know was that, she has not lost her son,  and he still cares about her. Indeed, now when I go home, I do the same with my sister,  park myself next to her for a few hours, and the happiness I see on her face is just worth everything.

Those of us who do not have a mother, they can still please her for our own spiritual balance, by spending our mental time with her. In my case, I do the prayer of gratitude and write about her and spend at least three to four hours mulling about her. 

Those of us who did not have a mother from the word go, and those who did not have a good relationship, I admire you for making it in the life without her love and affection, I am sorry this happened to you. If it makes you feel any good to talk, please feel free to do that, my number is in the about section. Those mothers who do not have any one, happy mothers day to you. There are many people wishing you, including myself.

I am pleased to copy some of my writings from a last few years.  

The Baha’i faith, “For mothers are the first educators, the first mentors; and truly it is the mothers who determine the happiness, the future greatness, the courteous ways and learning and judgment,the understanding and the faith of their little ones.”

In the Hindu tradition Mother is worshiped and she is represented by Ma Saraswati (source of knowledge), Ma Lakshmi (source of income) and the likes... Mother’s face is equated with God’s face, a song celebrates Mother by saying, if I have seen your face mother, I have seen God.

Prophet Muhammad was asked by his associates as to who is the most important person in one's life - he says,"Mother", they ask again, the answer was "Mother again" and same response was given for the third time, such is the importance given to mother. He said, your heaven, your paradise and your peace of mind comes to you by serving your mother.

In Jewish tradition, your heritage is determined by your Mother, you are a Jew because of your mother. Many Christians consider Mother Mary, as Mother of God, and for many others she is the spiritual mother.

In the native traditions, be it American, European,African, or Asian, Mother is creator in the form of mother Earth.

Despite your tradition and religious teaching to do great things,  there are bad guys and bad girls out there. Growing up in a very small town (then),  I distinctly remember three bothers killing their mother and throwing her in the town's lake for her wealth,  and a son pushing his mother into a deep well so he can have her jewelry. Religions don't matter to the bad guys, and those guys belonged to two different religions. But for every bad guy out there, there are a 1000 good ones and I know hundreds of such good stories.

You will find mother is placed at the highest spiritual level in all religions, traditions and life forms. Those who have a mother to see, you are the blessed one, those who don't, you have her blessings.

Those who have tensions with your mother, ask her blessings, you will find the best happiness of life in that asking.

I lost my mother twelve years ago and here is a dedication to my mother I wrote http://theghousediary.blogspot.com/2011/05/mother-my-story-happy-mothers-day.html
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