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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Appreciation Lunch with Friends in the wake of my open heart surgery.


Originally, I was scheduled to have an open heart surgery in Louisville, our Doctors in Dallas decided to do a balloon and a stent instead. I appreciate my friends Dr. Harbans Lal and Dr. Amer Suleman for pushing and facilitating me to go for the alternate procedure. Thanks to Dr. Taysir Jarrah for the smooth operation, I did not even feel it. Thanks again for the prayers, duwas, prarthanas and wishes.

This gave me an opportunity to be silly, idiotic and thoughtful. Hope you like what you read.

Last Friday, I had my check up and Dr. Taysir Jarrah said all looks to be fine, I am breathing better, lungs are taking full air, and the EKG showed even heart beat.

This was a wake-up call for me to think through life, and I am pleased to share the following, this was written when the surgery was originally scheduled.

This is not my obituary. It is a moment of reflection, and if it prompts you to think about your own mirror, then I have served the purpose of writing this note.

Another 20 minutes would have ended my life on July 9, 2013 without giving a notice,  it was indeed a major heart attack.  Of course, no one but the manufacturer knows the life of our battery; we don’t come stamped with unlimited life warranty. I hope you find this booklet to be your mirror.

Should I become the statistics and not make it through the surgery, I want you to know that I have lived my life and am happy to go or stay on.

Michami Dukadam is a powerful phrase I have learned from Jainism, it simply means I will wipe all the negative thoughts from my mind, and ask you to do the same, I seek forgiveness from you, and I reciprocate the same. It will release both of us from burdensome bondage into Moksha, Mukti, Nijaat, Salvation or freedom.

Today is one such day, I am asking ya’ll to forgive me and I will do my part, I carry no-ill will, malice or hatred towards any one. Thank God, I am free like my new Grandson Jayden.

Full Story at http://theghousediary.blogspot.com/2013/11/michami-dukadam-starting-life-over-with.html
Mike, Becky, Lili and Mary
Judi and Arkow
Faiza and Mike
Joshusa, Todd and Mani
Yuri, Mark and Mark
Karen and David
Mike and John
My friends
SK, Sudha and Sandhya Mittal
Rebekah and Judi
Rizwan and Nauman
Muhammad and Tatiana
Janet and Len
Dr. Asif and Ehtesham Syed

Let’s start our life on a clean slate.

Michami Dukadam.  

Thank youmike
Mike Ghouse
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