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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Who Owns Allah, the God? The Malaysian Muslim Fitna

That is precisely what a handful of Malay Muslims want do to - they call their God, Allah, and they don't want Christians and Sikhs to call him by the same name, as if there are different Gods. Should Christians ban Muslims from using the word Allah because Jesus, and in turn Christians used it before Muslims did?

Should Christians, Sikhs and others rejoice this oppressive decision? The answer is an emphatic no. The responsibility for peace and harmony in a given society falls squarely on the majority. In this instance, as a part of the larger Ummah, we, the Muslims around the world have a responsibility to protect the rights of minorities in Malaysia or elsewhere. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, when you see oppression, the least you can do is to speak up. Thank God, we are following his guidance.

The Word Allah did not spring up with Islam, nor have Muslims created it. The word Allah has been around, just like the Creator God has been around forever. Quran, 112: 2-3, "God the Eternal, the Uncaused Cause of All Being, He begets not, and neither is He begotten."

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made it clear that he did not bring a new religion to the world; Islam was continuation and completion of religions that came before.

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  1. This is a more complex story which began years ago because some missionaries abused the Arabic Allah by using it in Malay language bible translations to pass of some of those verses as from the Quran in order to use deception to convert Muslims to Christianity. Before that Malay Muslims had no problems with Christians using Allah---The Roman Catholic Church has been using it for years. The more recent problem---which created this fiasco---was caused by irresponsible missionaries. The Malay language has a perfectly acceptable word for God---"Tuhan" and there is no real need for Malay speaking Christians to use the Arabic Allah in Malay language translations of the Bible. They do not do so when the Bible is translated into other languages such as English.