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Monday, September 16, 2013

Disgusting bigoted comments on Twitter about Miss America

 Miss America Pageant and bigotry

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The moment Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America, the bigotry engine revved up at Twitter, with hateful tweets.  Instead of calling the others bigots, let's look at ourselves and find solutions.

Thank God the bigots are dumb, and don't know the difference between a Hindu or a Muslim Indian,  Christian Arab, Jewish Israeli, Muslim or Christian Egyptian, a Hindu or a Muslim Indian, Jain or Sikh Indian, Zoroastrian or a Sikh Pakistani, Hindu or a Buddhist Bangladeshi.

If the bigots were any smart, we will become bigger bigots than them by loudly proclaiming, look I am not an Arab, not a Hindu, not a Muslim... and point to the ones who are... and make a business of directing hate towards others, as if others won't direct the traffic towards us. At the end everyone gets screwed. Thank God bigots are dumb. 

The first question we need to know is if we are bigots!

Should our response be, "I am not a Muslim, Hindu, Arab or Pakistani; let them go get the real Muslims, real Hindus.... “If that is our response, we are the problem in the world, and seek help.

The second question is – if someone calls you a Muslim or a Hindu and you are not – how do you respond determines if you are a bigot or not.

If some one says Namaste, Salam Aliakum, Satsri Akal, Shalom or Jai Swami Narayan, how do you respond? 

Some Wiseman had said a long time ago – don’t expect clean water from a sewer or filthy water from a water softener tank. We all need to install heart softeners to clean our bigotry, and then we can deliver good clean behavior.

First thing we need to do is to clean up our system, and start standing up for others, if we cannot do that, why should anyone stand up for us? We need to be clean before we can ask others to be clean. 

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A Lot Of People Are Very Upset That An Indian-American Woman Won The Miss America Pageant

“And the Arab wins Miss America, classic.”
posted on 

Sunday night Nina Davuluri, Miss New York, wascrowned the winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant. She is the first contestant of Indian descent to be crowned Miss America.

Sunday night Nina Davuluri, Miss New York, was crowned the winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant. She is the first contestant of Indian descent to be crowned Miss America.
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

When her win was announced, Twitter immediately exploded with hateful tweets, with people calling her Arab.

And the Arab wins Miss America. Classic.
How the fuck does a foreigner win miss America? She is a Arab! #idiots
Miss Arab wins Miss America and the score of the Seattle/SanFran game is 5-0 at the half? What is life?

And shock that an Indian-American would win because “this is America.”

I swear I'm not racist but this is America.
Asian or indian are you kiddin this is america omg
Miss New York is an Indian.. With all do respect, this is America

Other people were offended that she was crowned Miss America so close to the anniversary of 9/11.

9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America?
@ABC2020 nice slap in the face to the people of 9-11 how pathetic #missamerica

And joked about her having possible ties to a terrorist group like al-Qaeda.

Congratulations Al-Qaeda. Our Miss America is one of you.
Miss America is a terrorist. Whatever. It's fine.

And some were just outright racist.

Miss America is brought to by their sponsors PF Changs and 7-11.
Miss America, footlong buffalo chicken on whole wheat. Please and thank you.

One of the most heavily shared pictures of the night was a four-panel image of Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail.

"#MissKansas a real miss America " @nateypoo14 this is why everyone is freaking out over #MissAmerica

With people claiming Theresa Vail is what a “real Miss America looks like.”

Man our president nor our new Miss America isn't even American I'm sorry but Miss Kansas I salute you your the real American #MissAmerica
Darn..I wish Miss Kansas would've won! Real American woman!!


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