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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Congratulations to Native Americans of Texas - The American Indian Heritage Day

Congratulations to the Native Americans of Texas. Finally, the Native Americans of Texas have a day to celebrate their heritage. Thanks to Peggy Larney and the dedicated volunteers to make this happen. The bill was enacted and signed by the Governor on April 3, 2013. Thus September 27 was proclaimed as the American Indian Heritage Day to be observed from here forward every year.

Several people were acknowledged for the work in the ceremonies held today at the Lone Star Park including Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, Coke Buchanan, Constance Hargrave and myself. It is a joy to see this day.

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk and Coke Buchanan of the Memnosyne Foundation have done tremendous work with Native Americans, not only in the United States, but also in Mexico including establishing a medicine garden for the Mayan Indians to continue their medicine tradition to cure the Native Americans. I salute the foundation for taking this up. Thank you Mary Ann.

On February 27, this year, I was to give my testimony in the state Capital, and I could not make it due to my health, however, it was submitted to Peggy Larney to read it for me.

As an American committed to building a cohesive America, where every American feels an integral part of the society, with no apprehension, discomfort or fear the other, it is my duty to support the H.B. No. 174, a bill to create the Native American Heritage day.

Every community, nation and the tribe has a day dedicated to honor that community. It is a day, on which the community comes together and celebrates it with fellow members of the society at large, it builds a sense of community and a sense of belonging and is a source of self esteem and recognition.

We are God’s own country; we are blessed with every race, nationality, ethnicity, language, culture and religion. We see God as one, none and many and in every form; male, female, genderless and non-existent, being and non-being, nameless and with innumerable names. We are committed to preserve this pluralistic heritage of America.

As Texans, it is our duty to uplift each other, so together we have a peaceful cohesive society where we are no strangers exist. If we can learn to respect the otherness of others and accept the God given uniqueness of each one of us, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.

This day, the Native American Heritage day is long overdue, with great humility we need to approve this bill and celebrate the heritage of fellow Native American Texans.

Mike Ghouse is committed to building a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day - More about Mike at www.MikeGhouse.net

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