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A blessed Memorial day, if you get a chance, visit any cemetery and pray for those who have left a better world for us. I will write an article if I get a chance, as I have written over the years. Remember, the usage of the phrase - "Happy Memorial day " is wrong, its a day of reflection.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Resolute Obama v. Wishy-washy Romney



We can deal with resolute Obama than wishy-washy Romney with no convictions of being a moderate, liberal or conservative. As a moderate Republican, I was hoping for Romney to be our next president, but I am afraid he will repeal everything on his first day in the office; derail the stabilizing economy and job situation, mess with health security, control women’s freedom, be unkind towards GLBT community, and ignore the ones in ditches. I rather have Obama’s stability than Romney’s chaos.

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