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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jazzy Ghouse goes to UTD

I talked to Mina in the morning to hear an update about her school at 3:23 she texts me that she got accepted at UTD to do her Masters in criminology....

Another momentous day in my life, and here is what I wrote:

Way back in her high school, she watched every one of the NYPD shows, and I watched most of the shows with her. We had a deal with the TV time, that each one will take the turn and others will respect the turn. I have never liked more than one TV in the household; we even debated that on my radio show with Mina and Jeff. One TV keeps the family together, 2 TV’s breaks up the family. Anyway, she dreamt of becoming the counselor (Vietnamese Doctor) in the show. She went to junior academy at FBI and got her BS in psychology from UTD.

She has many names - I call her Mina most frequently, Jazzy when she is with her friends and Jasmina at times. Her Middle name is Dilshad, that is my sister’s name, when Mina was born, I was overwhelmed with her and affectionately gave her my sisters name as her middle name, so I can call her Dilshad once a while.

I am thrilled and simply overjoyed with her news! All I can think of is my father and mother who would have been so proud of my girl. They were determined to get their kids educated; my mother pulled me out of the field from becoming a farmer. My Dad passed 7th grade and mother 4th grade, but they were both ahead of their times; pluralistic in their attitudes and kind and gentle in demeanor. My Dad went on to become the Mayor of the town and mom a leader among the community.

By the way, she has made this on her own! She has her own goals... .. As a father, I encouraged her to be herself ... and her mother did the same. All we wanted her to do was to get a Degree and I wanted her to have a master’s degree. That’s gives everyone in my nucleus of family a Masters degree; Yasmeen; MBBS (MD), Jeff (MS and JD), Fern (MS), Mina (MS) and me an MBA and M.Com - I gave up on my PhD, Mina may pursue PhD. It’s my Dad’s dream come true!

My son did his BS and MS in Accounting and Finance from UTD, and a JD from SMU. My daughter in Law did her MS in Engineering from UTD. Wow, we are a UTD family. May be I should look to teach Management Accounting or Business management, or Pluralism in business and civil life.

Dad Ghouse

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