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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moon songs in Urdu-Hindi languages

The sight of full moon was amazing tonite, I was just wondering about the way the universe has been arranged and organized, it looks like a precision machine where every things runs smoothly. The sun shows up and the Jupiter orbits and the moon’s elastic distance and the tides… it’s all incredible. However, the creator wanted to make sure that we understand that there is no perfection, there are anomalies like Tsunamis and earthquakes are built-in or happens randomly. The lesson for us is to strive for the best but know that there is no perfection and we have to learn to be content.

With Prayers for the ones suffering in Japan, Libya, Bahrain and every where, we have to live as normal a life as we can. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have demonstrated that it is necessary to live a normal life to make other aspect of life go on as smoothly as they can. One cannot uplift others when we sink; we have to rise to do more good to those who are down.

From this sentence forward, the topic is mainly for the Urdu/Hindi speaking friends, my regrets to the English speaking friends.


Moon has been associated with beauty and the poets usually compare the beauty of the beloved with that of Moon. I have no idea what it is in other languages, but Urdu/Hindi language is studded with moon in the poetry.

The words are Chand, Chanda, Chaand, Chandra…

Here is a list of some 20+ Songs on the theme of Moon in Urdu/Hindi language, most of the songs are pre-77 when I left India, I don’t know a whole lot of songs after that with an exception of a few, a few simply don’t sound romantic as the singer screams in the songs…   

There are over 50 songs that I know with Chaand in its theme, missing in the list are songs by KL Saigal, Noor Jehan and Gita Dutt.  May be on next full moon I will have the rest of them.  Those who are familiar with the songs and movies might see a lot of connections between songs, actors… there is a continuous chain… years ago I did a radio show on Sundays called Golden Oldies and Golden Melodies, besides my talk shows on religion and topics of the day… and I used to weave the songs in a story.. a lot of people from South India, Bangladesh and Caribbean enjoyed the English narration and essence of the songs, rather than the translations.

Just got nostalgic… the moon is simply glowing and I dedicate these songs to my wife Yasmeen.

If you wish to go auto pilot… just click and go,

If auto does not work, here is the list.

  1. Chaudhvin Ka chaand ho

  1. kaisi haseen aaj baharon ki raat hai

  1. Gali may aaj chaand nikla
# #

  1. Khoya khoya chaand

  1. ai sanam jis nay tujhe

  1. A hawa a raat a chandni

  1. A raat a chandni phi kahan

  1. Wo chaand Khila

  1. Chaand nay kuch kaha

  1. Tu mere chaand my teri chaandni

  1. Chand sifarish

  1. Ai chaand zara chup ja

  1. Raat ko chandani jab khile (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

  1. Chaand chupa badal may

  1. Chaand phir nikla

  1. my nay poocha chand say

  1. mera chaand  mujhe aaya hai nazar

  1. Chaand mere aaja

  1. Chanda o chanda

  1. Chanda mama door ke

  1. Dekha hai sobhi nay chaand ko

  1. Chaand ko kya maloom

Mike Ghouse

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