1. Articles at about the Gaza conflict.

2. Had a successful meeting with the departments of state and justice about the film "flames of passion", indeed it is the synchronization of American and Muslim values.

3. Met a guy with his dog, and another one at the Dulles airport, each one had a story - the is his emotional support since he is out of stage 4 cancer, with 1% chances of remission, the other guy had to unplug mother's food and let her die in hospice and my own story has both the elements. I will write a note about it.

Mike Ghouse

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mike on Fox TV tonite

Fox 4 interviewed me for over 30 minutes, and perhaps there will be a 30 seconds clip about terrorism and what Muslims are doing about it.

I have addressed all the issues of assimilation and the things we are doing... and handling terrorism, but none of it may be there. I will tape it one of these days and post it on the website.

9:00 PM CST - Channel 4
You can also watch live at

Let me know what you think of it

Mike Ghouse
Dallas, Texas. USA


  1. Mabrouk Boudaga

    Congratulations, Mike, your speech on Fox was really great! The criminals who try to hurt our society in the name of a religion of peace, are a threat for everyone living in America and especially for Muslims!

  2. Mike, we watched the program and it was excellent. I am glad they got your point in about how these guys make us sick and we are tired of it. You are doing a great service for the Muslim community...
    Keep up all of your wonderful efforts.


  3. Well done. Please don’t forget to post your interview on


  4. Mikeji, I will 100% watch the news at 9pm

  5. sure will watch