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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bias against Jimmy Carter

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Met my old Jewish friend at the program connecting faiths; Abraham in different faiths.

He had not returned my calls nor had he responded to my emails for a while, I asked him what do I need to do to connect with him.

His answer surprised me.
He said " he saw that I wrote about Jimmy Carter on my website,
and that turned him off", then he asks me, "How can you do that?"

I asked him we will make the time and talk, why can't we support what Jimmy Carter had said? The man spoke the truth as he saw it, don't you believe you, him and I have the right to speak? Why do we have to hide on such a critical issue?

The policies the hawks of Israel are pursuing is detriment to its own peace, what Jimmy Carter is doing, if listned to, would bring peace and security that the Jews deserve. I hope the Jews and Israelis take a stand and do what is right for them, work for peace and not let the leaders mess up their future.

Bush should have been opposed earlier on, we would not have seen this destruction of our own economy, deaths of our soldiers and some million Iraqis and countless Afghanistan.

Evil persists because good men do nothing about it.

Mike Ghouse

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